Alghero Sand Castle

Amazing Sand Castle in Alghero, Sardinia!

Our first trip as a post-child-rearing couple coincided exactly with the official beginning our empty nest. On our son’s first day of college we were getting on a plane to Sardinia. It turned out to be a trip filled with firsts. First time in Sardinia, first time on an island in the Mediterranean, first time drinking Mirto, first time on a boat in the Mediterranean, and our first time eating donkey.

The amazing experiences on that trip instilled a burning desire to keep going. To keep moving, see new places, meet new people, and absorb as much of the world as we possibly could. Not long after that we embarked on our new life as full-time traveling gypsy empty nesters, GypsyNesters!

The photo is the first thing we saw when we hit the beach in Alghero – the most amazing sand “castle we’ve ever seen!


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