Adventure Seekers Need to Visit These Places in Cebu

Cebu is a province in the Philippines and it is one of the hottest but obscure vacation destinations. There are many mind-blowing attractions in the city. In fact, nothing can prepare you for the wonders that await tourists in the city. Check out some of the tourist attractions in Cebu and see why it should be your next vacation destination.

You can get to Cebu either by ferry or by air. While there are numerous local flights from different parts of Philippines of Cebu, there are direct international flights from China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, and many other countries. You may need to use cebu itinerary by to plan how to get there and also plan your itinerary. This is necessary for adventure seekers who are interested in visiting numerous tourist attractions within a short period. Without further ado, here are some of the attractions in Cebu.

Swim along with whales

You must have seen whales multiple times, but have you been close to them before? You probably have not swum along with a whale before? That is one of the activities in Cebu. Oslob is a location in Cebu where you get to watch whales from a close distance and swim with them. The experience is simply awesome. Just make sure you keep your distance and also follow the guidelines. Oslob is located at the southern part of Cebu.

Visit the 10,000 Roses Café

Have you ever seen up to 10,000 roses together in one location? May be not. Surrounding the café are up to 10,000 artificial white roses. While people go to the café for food and drinks, they usually forget about their hunger or thirst immediately they hit the café. The mesmerizing beauty of thousands of white roses will make you forget what brought you to the café.

If you think the surrounding is magnificent, wait till you see it in the night. Each of the roses has an LED light which are turned on in the night. The view is a rare sight to behold. You will never forgive yourself if you forget to go with your camera.

Fly high and enjoy aerial views of Cebu

Take your acrophobia head on with this activity. You get strapped to an object that will fly you high in the sky and you will have aerial views of several structures in Cebu. What will really blow you away is being tilted by 55 degrees in the sky. It will get you screaming in ecstasy.

Climb up to Osmena Peak

If you are a mountain climbing enthusiast, Cebu has something for you also. You will definitely love to get to Osmena Peak. The mountain is located in the Southern Cebu and it takes about an hour to get to the peak that is about 1 kilometer above sea level.

Trekking to the top is not the only pleasure that awaits you there. You will also enjoy the amazing views of seeing the sea far away and that of jagged hills. Most importantly, you don’t have to be an experienced mountain climber to enjoy this peak. It is beginner-friendly.

Your kids will love the Jumalon Butterfly Sanctuary

This sanctuary houses about 55 species of butterfly and a lush botanical garden. In addition, you will also get to see the museum with the oldest butterfly collections in the whole of the Philippines. The sanctuary also has a gallery of beautiful artworks. The sanctuary is named after its founder – Prof. J.N. Jumalon.

It is important to mention the fact that Cebu has many more attractions apart from the ones listed above. In fact, it will take you several weeks to visit all the attractions in the city. That is why you need to get your itinerary planned so that you can visit as many attractions as possible within a few days.

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