A Picture of Governors Ball, Los Angeles, 2020

Event management is truly recognized as multilevel heterogenous tasking compounded multiple times. Ultimately, the tasks have to be well defined and up to the mark so that the degree of perfection is high within a given time-frame.

But, when it comes to big events such as grammy’s, Oscars, etc. then the requirement is huge. Let us now see how the Governor’s ball Los Angeles, 2020 was managed to dazzle the star-studded night.

Let us first tell you what is Governor’s ball? Sounds interesting? Yeah!

In a broader sense, the Governors ball is actually Governors award ceremony hosted by Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences. This ceremony is conducted at the grand ballroom of the Hollywood and Highland center, Hollywood district of Los Angeles, California.

After the curtains of the Oscars award ceremony are put down, the winners move to the even more happening event, “The Governor’s ball.” In other words, it is an after-ceremony party for the winners. Here, they have a gala time enjoying up to their heart’s content. It is attended by around 1500 to 1600 guests.

With the passage of time, Governor’s ball of Los Angeles has gained enormous importance and has become a major event of the film industry and a red-carpet destination too.

As the Governor’s ball, Los Angeles is an international event; the ambiance has to be mesmerizing and alluring. The event managers decide on the various components of the event well in advance. Let us now see how it was managed this year.

Any event, big or small, has major components as food, drinks, and decorations.

The Governor’s ball at Los Angeles has something different every year; this year, it conveyed a message of environmental-friendliness. It was held on February 9, 2020. This has been done to keep track of the recent-award ceremonies trend to be environment-friendly, sustainable, and to work towards humanity. For the year 2020, the components were environment-friendly to a large extent. The materials used were organic and recycled ones. Not only this, but much of the materials will also be reused for future purposes, while the waste was recycled. Below is a description of the various components:

    1. Food The tantalizing feast this year was majorly vegan. The plant-based menu was the attraction this year. The freshness and exotic menu of the Governors Ball Los Angeles 2020 was the unique factor. Around 70% of the dishes were plant-based, and the remaining 30% were non-vegetarian.
    2. Decoration Coming down to the factor which speaks everything about the event is the “decor.” Let’s plunge into the hypnotizing details of the decor.
      • Theme- As the trend follows, every year, the decor is theme-based, so this year, the decoration was based on the concept of ” harmony and relaxation.”
      • Colour palette- Copper and bronze metallics were the color palette accompanied by the accent of eggplant and amethyst. Shades of purple added brightness to the decor.
      • Lights- Lights, yes, lights make everything sparkle like gold. For the Governor’s ball Los Angeles, the chandelier was constructed with 2000 tubes of lights made out of recycled materials, all designed magnificently and beautifully finished and textured to add a high grade to it’s already existing beauty. Adding more to the lightning pattern were around 80 separate strings of incandescent light bulbs.
      • Floral decoration- Around 400 floral arrangements comprising 13,000 flowers in different shades of purple beautified the occasion. The best quality roses, orchids, and tulips were used for the purpose. The arrangements took around five days to get completed. Post ceremony, the flowers were donated to Jewish Centre for the aged.
      • Ceiling- Complementing the entire set up was the shiny and shimmery ceiling, which was covered by glittery linens in shades of champagne and amethyst, which had sequins of eggplant. Some other linens being copper shade satins, which acted as a supplement to the shimmer. Adding to elegance was the light gray colored velvet, which broke the monotony of glitz. All the fabrics we’re specially made for the governors’ ball in LA, which took around two months to come in their final finish.
      • Other environment-friendly decorations- There was no use of plastic bottles throughout the event. May it be lunch, meetings, drinks, there was no plastic usage in any sense. Moreover, the furniture, music equipment, rigging equipment, the lighting system is all preserved for future use. As far as the fabric is considered, around 50% of it will be reused while the remaining will be recycled. The Governor’s ball 2020 never forgets the charity they do. To follow the trend, they donated some linens and carpets to habitat for humanity.
      • Tabletop decor- Not to forget is the tabletop decor. Along with the linens, flower vases, around 700 candles gave a finishing touch to the tabletop decor.
The bottom line

With all the preparations done with perfection, the Governor’s ball Los Angeles was ready to welcome and entertain the guests. The contribution of each and every individual was highly commendable. They all proceeded with the motto of environment-friendliness, wherein they worked to reduce, reuse, and recycle and minimize the disposal of waste. There was multilevel, multi-tasking multiple times, but everything had love and dedication as a major component. The hard-working team left no stone unturned to make the Governor’s ball a huge success.

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