A Beginner’s Guide to Reading Tarot Cards Like a Pro

Tarot reading has become a more widespread practice in recent years. Nowadays, it’s a popular practice worldwide, and people of all ages and backgrounds seek out fortune reading sites by tarot readers. While some people believe that tarot readings can provide accurate insights into the future, others view them as nothing more than entertainment.

Some mental health experts are even reading tarot during their therapy sessions.

Reading tarot can help you to make sense of a bothersome question in your life. It can remind you that you’re on the right track or give you the nudge to make a change.

If you’re ready to incorporate tarot reading into your life, you’ve come to the right place.

Read on for our beginner’s guide to reading tarot cards.

Understand Your Deck

Tarot cards are designed with symbols that appeal to human consciousness. When selecting the deck you wish to use, pay close attention to the artwork. Select the deck that speaks to you the most.

It’s important to connect with the history of tarot reading, as well. You can learn about tarot cards here before you begin your practice. Also Tarot meaning will give you more insight on how to read tarot cards

Focus on Your Question at Hand

In order to have a successful reading, you must have a clear vision of the question you want the cards to address. Take a moment and meditate on your question or the area of confusion that requires clarity.

While you do so, shuffle your deck. As you touch your cards, impart upon them your mind’s desire. Not only does this strengthen the intuition you’ll need to read your cards but it will “clear” the cards of any questions you’ve brought to them in the past.

Start With a 3-Card Spread

There are a number of ways to perform a tarot reading. In the beginning, focus on a 3-card spread.

The first card you lay down represents your past and what you are walking out of. The second card, placed to the right of the first, represents your present and what tools or crutches you are working with when facing your current question. The third, placed to the right of the second, represents your future.

Note that in the early stages, you will need to use the guidebook that accompanies your deck to interpret your cards. Before you look to the book, examine the 3-card spread, and allow yourself to feel whatever it is that the cards communicate. Then, look to the guidebook to get a sense of what each card (divided into the Major and Minor Arcana) is communicating.

Reading Tarot Without the Guidebook 

Many new tarot readers grow frustrated when they have to consult their tarot guidebook. It can feel like a clunky or inauthentic process and sometimes, we struggle to make sense of what each card means and what they communicate together.

Just keep practicing and have patience. It may take weeks or even months, but eventually, you’ll start to understand your cards without needing any additional resources.

Enjoy Your Practice

We hope that our introduction to reading tarot has served you well. Remember to bring your intuition, trust, and joy to your practice. You may not always like what the cards tell you, but don’t forget that you’re being given the tools to take hold of your future.

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