A Guide for Baby Boomers to Tibet

Travelling is equally important for people of all ages and baby boomers are included in this list. They are here to experience life in a whole different way and each memory is precious for them. While young travelers are mainly interested for the adrenaline rush, baby boomers run after the priceless memories.

Older people are travelling more and they are doing that whole-heartedly. They select places in a different way and the choices are naturally different. Baby boomers have a unique bucket list and Tibet is definitely included in that. Memories with loved ones stay on forever and all baby boomers are here to make the most of their lives through Tibet travel.

Why Visiting Tibet should be on Baby Boomer’s Bucket List 

Elderly people always want a relaxing atmosphere, and personal gateways are their favorite. Tibet is a motivational place for them and the environment is truly terrific. The towns are quiet here and nature reigns supreme.

The natural beauty is so serene that it overshadows everything else. Every life offers something special, but when special moments are spent with the family, life becomes all the more amazing. Older travelers have a particular plan about the vacation and they always follow that. Time is extremely crucial for them and they never waste a moment.

Tibet sees millions of tourists every year, but some people hesitate to go, concerned about the climatic conditions. It is true that Tibet can be very harsh, but the altitude woes can be tackled easily. Elderly travelers love the experience once they arrive. The monasteries give them complete peace of mind and the adventures are exhilarating.

It is all about getting accustomed to the climate and starting to enjoy every moment. From pregnant women to old age people, everyone is welcome in Tibet. The tour can be customized in different ways and this is the true beauty.

What should Baby Boomers Keep in Mind?

Preparation is the key here and if the right precautions are not taken, the problems can become uncontrollable. As Tibet’s climate is a whole lot different from that of other places, medical check up is a must. You should consult your doctor and know everything about your health in advance, this helps a lot. The doctor’s advice is greatly important here and every word should be given importance. Some elderly people have chronic breathing problems and they should avoid this trip altogether. Getting sick in high altitudes can be a dangerous thing, so prevention should be taken beforehand.

Packing List for Baby Boomers

Packing light is the best option and this motto should be followed for all trips. If too many items are taken, most of them are not even touched. Select the most essential things and cut out the unnecessary items. The baggage should be little, but the excitement should be high. Certain medicines should always remain with you for emergency purposes and this is a normal thing. The oxygen content is scarce in Tibet and the dramatic change in temperature can often prove to be dangerous.

Bags – The big back pack stores the main things and a light-weight product should be chosen. For daily trips, a day pack should be taken. It carries the camera, notebook, jacket, etc. A money belt should always be carried to keep the passport, room keys, money and other essentials.

Clothing – Layered clothes are perfect for Tibet and as the temperature changes, articles of clothing can be removed. Warm clothing is a must for the chilly climate. If you want to go beyond Lhasa or Shigatse, a coat must always be in your bag. Along with all these things, comfortable shoes must be carried. Clothes of dark color are more favorable here, due to the dusty roads. Finally, don’t forget to take your rain coat, as rains can often welcome you in Tibet.

Sun Protection – Harmful sunrays are dangerous and your face needs special protection against these harsh rays, Apart from your sun-cream, take a sun hat, lip balm, shades and skin cream.

Cash and other essentials must be kept carefully, as these things are extremely vital.

Recommended travel routes for baby boomers

Professional travelers should always follow the most effective travel route for easy movement. The challenge is tough in Tibet. On one hand, a lot of area needs to be traveled. On the other hand, time is always running out.

Visiting Lhasa – For some travellers, Tibet begins and ends with Lhasa. Soak up the religious experience and spend your precious time in Potala Palace and the stunning Jokhang Temple. Know what makes Buddhism so vibrant and so enigmatic. Sera and Drepung Monastery should also be on the list. Barkhor Street and the pilgrim circle will give you unforgettable memories and Tibetan dancing can end your day in style. From drama to special performances, the cultural side is completely breathtaking. Also, treat your inner soul in Tibetan tea house and feel good about life.

Experience Gyantse – For the pilgrims, Gyantse is like heaven. While travelling from Lhasa to this destination, some amazing lakes and glaciers will make your trip remarkable. The Pelkor Monastery is also present, which deserves special mention.

A trip to Shigatse – The local culture is the best thing about Tibet and that can be felt best at Shigatse. Tashilhunpo Monastery is not only culturally vibrant, but the historic significance is also great. This is just behind Tibet’s largest monastery and the divine atmosphere is amazing.

Other travel tips:

Keeping fit is the key here, as the body’s metabolism rate should always be maintained. Take the necessary steps to keep the cold way and you can enjoy the trip in a better way. Regular exercises can do wonders here and you just need to analyze your heart’s condition. If you catch cold, just before the trip, it can be disastrous.

Getting a good accommodation facility in Tibet is not hard, but the conditions should be checked before entering. Local houses should be avoided, as they are unsafe for tourists.

The Tibetan restaurants are totally amazing and the cuisine is really fabulous. Water should be consumed in large amounts to keep the body hydrated. Raw vegetables or fruits should be totally avoided, as they can give rise to gastrointestinal problems. Moreover, proper dining etiquette should be maintained at all times.

For baby boomers, the time in Tibet can be extra special, if they follow this guide. Create precious memories and stay healthy.

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