8 Ways I’m Preparing For Summer

I’m getting ready for summer by being prepared for all the things we love and enjoy this time of year. With some planning now, I know we’ll be able to have a blast this year and enjoy just the right amount of fun without overloading our schedule.


The palettes for this summer are bright, neon and fun! You can also find subdued colors if that’s what you prefer. But right now I am on the hunt for the best summer fashions. I’ve found a few. I especially love the idea of a tank with these overalls, but they might get a little toasty once it starts to warm up. I’m hoping overall shorts are back on trend so I can enjoy this blast from the past.

Working Out

Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but I am being more active because it’s spring, beautiful, and warm. No one likes to be active when it’s 100 degrees outside, so I love getting in extra sunshine and activity now before the temps climb too high and all I want to do is sit by the pool or inside in the air conditioning. I love summer and it comes with a lot of fun activities, but it also comes with some serious heat.

Air Conditioning

My house has air conditioning, and like anyone else, I expect it to work when the temperatures climb. It’s important to get it maintained and I’ve been guilty of neglecting regular maintenance work. One of the ways I’m getting ready for summer this year is to get my HVAC system checked. You can easily use search terms like HVAC Service Santa Rosa, HVAC service near me, or even air conditioning service [in your city] if you want to find a reputable company. HVAC service may feel like an unnecessary expense, but it’s worth it to have a professional check everything out and find issues before they become major expenses for you.

Planning Gatherings

Summer is a great time to get outdoors and invite close friends and family over. Whether it’s a cookout or a day at the lake, I’m already looking at the calendar to pick dates for something fun. I enjoy taking time with the people I love and enjoy the most. And summer is perfect for taking time to rest. I enjoy all the fun of summer and of course, all the bright and cheerful fashions that go with it.

Taking Time to Rest

The school year gets busy between me working, shuttling my daughter to school and activities, and doing all the normal day-to-day tasks. Summer is filled with restful activities (most of the time) and a slower pace of life. The past year or so has been a whirlwind, so I am intentionally creating time to rest. I find that too many of us end up suffering because we don’t value rest enough. My goal is to not get so stressed that I am forced to rest, but to take a regular cadence of restful days so that I don’t overextend myself.

Spring Cleaning

I love keeping my things as organized as possible. My spring cleaning includes removing old things from my wardrobe, putting storage back where it belongs, dusting all the weird places, and more. As a family we thin out the things we don’t use so that we aren’t consumed by stuff all the time. Since I love to find new items, it keeps us from becoming hoarders as well. Sometimes I feel demotivated when it comes to spring cleaning, but the outcome is amazing!

Making Menus

Summer comes with delicious fruit salad, refreshing drinks, and light and fresh foods. While winter is filled with warm soups, I look forward to summer salads and grilled meats, and fruity treats. My menus are pretty basic but filled with all my favorite things.

Deciding My Yesses (and My No’s)

Right now I’m looking at all the things we could do. And I’m trying to pick the things we want to do, we should do, and the things that we’ll say no to. This includes looking at the myriad of summer camp and sports options, the events we’ve been invited to already, and even the time off we want to hoard for just us.

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