8 Safety Features You Need in Your Car for Your Next Road Trip

Cars were first invented over a hundred years ago, and thankfully they have come in leaps and bounds since then. Everything from energy efficiency to comfort has improved, and this also applies to safety.

Although every car comes fitted out with some mandatory safety equipment- seat belts, airbags, and headlights- the advent of technology in our world has created some revolutionary developments in safety features.

Read on for the eight most incredible and essential safety features you need to add to your car before your next road trip. It is also worth checking out MostPicker.com for the best information and product reviews.

1. Automatic emergency braking

It only takes half a second- you look down at your phone, fiddle with the radio, or turn to laugh at your friend’s joke and suddenly it’s too late to stop.

Luckily, many new cars come with automatic emergency braking. Scanners look at the road in front of you, tracking obstacles and recording the distance. If you get too close or don’t brake on time, the car responds before you can even think.

2. Blindspot sensors

Unsafe lane changes were the cause of more than 5,000 collisions in 2011. Lane change collisions can also be the most dangerous because they are more likely to become pile-ups as cars veer horizontally across lanes or into incoming traffic.

Blindspot sensors usually appear as a little light on your side mirror, so if a car is in your blindspot you can be aware of it. Some cars even come with a sound system, so if you try to change lanes while a car is in your blindspot, it will beep and warn you.

3. Lane keep

Everyone learns in drivers’ seat that the car goes where your eyes go, which can be problematic on long distance drives. As you get bored or distracted, you can drift out of your lane without even realizing, causing an accident. In case you encountered an accident, keep yourself calm & act fast, get the first aid kit, call for an ambulance if needed and also make sure to get your car fixed from an expert collision repair service provider so that your car is taken proper care for all the missing and damaged safety equipment.

Lane keep works by using cameras to keep track of the lane markers. If you start to drift, it will either alert you with noise or even correct your steering through self-driving.

4. Facial recognition software

If only you could have a friend with you on every road trip constantly monitoring your level of alertness and warning you whenever you seem to be nodding off.

Luckily, now your car will do that for you! Several high-end models use cameras in the front dashboard to watch you for signs of drowsiness or intoxication, nudging you with sound notifications when you drift off. Facial recognition could also have positive uses if your car gets stolen, as images of the thief would be available.

5. Enhanced visibility

The most dangerous part of driving at night is the reduced visibility on dark, winding roads.

Many cars come with measures to enhance your visibility, either through infrared footage of the road on a screen on the dashboard or intuitive headlamps that follow the road.

6. Rollover prevention

Rolling is dangerous, because it throws car passengers around, causing them to lose consciousness or get concussions. The risk of whiplash is also very high with rollovers.

Rollover prevention systems sense when a car is about to roll, and selectively applies brakes to prevent it.

7. Rearview camera

Rearview cameras provide an accurate shot of what is behind you while you are backing up and can even alert you when a car behind you comes too close.

This protects your car, children, pets and trash bins.

8. Emergency response

In a bad collision, the people involved might be unconscious or too rattled to consider calling the authorities. Rather than relying on bystanders, many new cars have an inbuilt system that records the collision and automatically notifies the relevant emergency responders.

Some systems include non-emergencies such as flat tires or low petrol, while others only track collisions. Either way, it is one less thing to worry about in the event of a collision.

The future is now, and it is amazing to see all these high-tech technologies being used to save lives every day!

9. Jeep Locker For Safety 

An additional security feature that we’d really like to suggest here is best Jeep locker. If you are new to the term, Jeep locker is just a kind of differential. These are simply another set of tools that can help you make off-roading safer. These come into play where your Jeep Wrangler isn’t equipped enough to help you out of a mud-stuck situation. They basically lock the inner and outer wheel when you are in a sticky situation and make the wheel work together and turn similarly. This mechanism allows locking differentials to have a greater traction advantage when compared to an open differential.

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