7 Ways to Travel the World While Studying in College

A lot of people agree that college is the best time of life. You are young, happy, got true friends and always ready for some spontaneous adventures. Life seems so big and unpredictable, and you want to explore it as much as possible. So, many students talk about a huge desire to see our planet, experience new cultures and just communicate with people all over the world. However, most of them stay at home and claim they are too poor or don’t have enough time to travel.

For those who want to break this stereotype, here are 7 tips on how to travel as a student.

1. Study abroad

One of the great ways for students who really like to study. Think about a country you always wanted to visit, choose one of its universities and take your chance. You’ll be fascinated by the distinct cultural perspectives, new foods, customs traditions and social atmosphere. Go abroad for a semester or even a year. Furthermore, it may not be very expensive as you think. There are a lot of grants and scholarships. All you need is just to do some entering test and write a short personal statement. The rules can vary in each university, but you totally should try it!

2. Club Trips

Every college has clubs which allow students to travel. Imagine an amusing company sitting near the bonfire and chattering about adventures. Or a group of people who try hiking in green mountain valleys. Your college almost certainly has something similar. In case it doesn’t, suggest it, and you’ll see how many students will support your inspiring idea.

3. Assistantship/Internship

Internship is another option among travel opportunities for students. You can not only live abroad and expand the horizons of your mind but also earn some money. Many universities offer fellowships to help students cover costs of living during their professional researching. Furthermore, while abroad you may use SameDayPapers to concentrate more on exploring a new country and its traditions. So don’t hesitate and take your chance.

4. Turtle teams

Did you know that turtles around the world need your help? This way of traveling is a real treasure for those who like our mother nature. Turtle teams are the unions of people from all over the globe, who actively fight against the extinction of turtles. Working in such teams don’t require special skills or experience. For instance, you should monitor or do some training. Anyway, you’ll make an invaluable contribution to saving turtles and have a good time abroad.

5. Volunteering

If you feel that you’re up to the eyes in studies and drilling, and people should get jollies out of traveling, try volunteering. It’s a great way to travel while in college, due to an opportunity to have a free placement, food, and facilities. But some organizations ask for a donation towards that – basically, it is very minimal and required in really poor countries. The benefits of volunteering are certainly amazing. You learn new skills through exiting specific projects, see the real life of the country and meet interesting people with their stunning stories.

6. Self-Organized trips

A cool way to see the world is to organize an adventure by yourself. Yeah, it’s not a free travel, but there are a lot of benefits. Every country has its own season when it looks wonderful, so you can choose winter, spring, summer or fall to take a trip. The length of it is also under your control. Whether it’s a one week vacation or a month journey around Europe. And of course, it depends on you where to go sightseeing, what to eat and whom to talk.

7. Hitchhiking

Hitchhiking is used by tourists to travel from one destination to another. It is the best way for summer travels, as for the most the weather is on your side. A driver voluntarily takes a fellow traveler and usually does not get money for it. Sometimes drivers take people out of pity or desire to help, but more often they are bored on the road and want to talk and get some entertaining information. Hitchhiker is a partnership based on the principle of free exchange. A traveler gets an opportunity to overcome the distance quickly and free, the driver – an interesting companion.


Think about these 7 ways of how to travel while you are in college and choose the best one. No matter what would it be – study abroad or joining a turtle team, hitchhiking or a self-organized trip. The only important thing is a strong desire and positive attitude to all your future adventures.

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