7 Unique Ideas to Decorate Room With Travel Theme

You must have a hobby or passion into which you put your soul – traveling. If you are a travel enthusiast, let your room decor speak that because our room reflects our personality.

Luckily, there are so many ways in which you can give travel theme decoration to your space. Let’s have a look at some fantastic ideas.

#1 Travel Theme Wall Art

Let your walls speak for you. You can go for travel inspired wall arts, including world map, city map, famous building or more. It can change the aura of your room. For example, a statement city canvas print just above the wall on your bed will look revolutionary. You can buy trending city wall art from trusted sites like ElephantStock and more.

#2 Souvenirs from Various Regions

Indeed, you must have brought some memories home. Place these travel objects, such as something Uniquely Coastal, which are a specialty of the place you visited. Don’t lock them up in a closet; instead, authentically showcase them.

#3 Layer up the Floor

Layer up the floor with the pretty rugs you brought home from traveling. Carpets of different regions have different patterns and artwork.

If you don’t have one, go for travel-themed Moroccan print or bright abstract rugs. Rugs complement the décor and give a finishing look.

#4 Antique Organizers

There are some fantastic vintage-style organizers. The suitcase-shaped floating shelves look so classy. You can place your travel photo frames, some plants, and lights on them.

Or you may want to go farther with your antique theme and decorate the room with beautiful vintage furniture pieces after visiting Antiques Boutique.

#Travel Themed Lights

Don’t go for essential lights, an atlas-shaped hanging ceiling light for the cozy corner where you plan all your trips.

#5 Hanging Polaroid Photo

It is lovely décor; you can easily do it yourself. Take a wooden log and hang it with the help rope. Hang your travel snaps via an invisible thread on this log. Add some lights. It will give a hugging touch of personalization to your space.

#6 Unique Décor Ideas

Collect all your tickets and place them on a beautiful aj over your table. It looks so exciting and awe-inspiring. You may have coins and notes of different currencies; make a collage tan present them wonderfully.

Another fun décor is to bring sand from all different regions. Put the sand layer by layer on a long vertical bottle and mark all the places above the. This unique décor looks very satisfying.

#7 The Postcard Décor

The postcards are the witnesses of beautiful memories. You can create postcard flags or tress with all those messages. It will look fantastic. All those memories will motivate you to plan another trip soon.

Last Words

There is so much you can do when you are a traveler. The rich experience of life which you have, you can represent that in your room. The décor will be a conversation starter, and everyone will be amazed by your scenery.

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