7 Reasons Why You Should Attend More Leadership Events


Professionals attend industry events for several reasons. Some intend to network with peers. Others plan to attend classes that help them earn credits toward their professional license renewals.

Then, some conferences attract attendees since the event has a party reputation.

Entrepreneurs benefit from attending leadership events, and you can find information online that outlines the most productive ones based on interests. For example, YPO Edge, the Forbes Summits, and ICON continually receive rave reviews from attendees.

Every professional should develop a list of takeaways they hope to obtain from industry gatherings. Then, it makes them productive. After all, someone pays for these trips. In 2019, business trip costs hovered at $1,300.

Entrepreneurs pay for the conference, accommodations, ground transportation, flights, and meals.

Thus, it’s a good idea to treat it as an investment. Some professions rely on networking opportunities at conferences, which deliver returns down the road.

Why attend leadership events at all? Then, why should entrepreneurs attend more?

The following are seven reasons why you should attend more leadership events.

Obtain Inspiration

Conference planners must make business conferences memorable so that attendees will return annually. Therefore, planners line up noteworthy speakers. Then, the speakers understand that they play a role in the success of these gatherings.

Entrepreneurs require motivation, and they can often find it among their peers. In addition, attending leadership events with like-minded professionals can help attendees obtain inspiration.

Executives and managers bear a lot of weight like entrepreneurs. To keep companies afloat, professionals must find inspiration that leads to process improvement and innovation.

Learn from Others

Business conferences leave chunks of time open so that attendees can network with each other. Some have breakaway groups where attendees can chat about topics with each other.

Thus, these gatherings provide several opportunities for attendees to learn from each other.

Some entrepreneurs learn lessons from each other. Others pick up helpful tidbits. For example, you might find yourself seeking a new service for booking the best corporate travel hotel rates. A colleague might suggest that your company try Hotel Engine since that is the service their team uses. Thus, the referral has more weight.


Some business gatherings help attendees find themselves. The planners make it a point to hold workshops where professionals can dig deeper into their leadership styles.

In other situations, attendees might experience an aha moment while listening to the keynote speech.

Nonetheless, these gatherings open the door to the possibility of self-discovery.

Focus on Objectives

YPO Edge focuses on thought leadership, and The Forbes Summits focuses on bringing top-credentialed professionals together.

Before attending a leadership event, understand what you hope to gain. By focusing on objectives, you’ll stay on track at the event. Then, you can network with the most appropriate people and attend the most helpful workshops.

More importantly, you’ll leave the gathering having accomplished something tangible, such as obtaining 20 business cards or meeting 10 peers from the same industry.

Network with Others

As mentioned earlier, a great reason to attend leadership conferences is to network with peers.

Entrepreneurs, executives, and managers work with clients and staff. They spend most of their time creating, developing, and closing deals. Thus, professionals must make an effort to network with peers.

Conferences gather stakeholders from industries and positions. Therefore, it’s the best time to catch up with peers.

Learn the Current Trends

Business events must prove their worth to attendees so they’ll return and invite others to attend.

Professionals must stay on top of the trends, and events provide a great environment to learn more about them.

Some conferences aim to create new trends. Therefore, the speaker lineup and workshop leaders will speak to them.

Either way, it’s information that attendees can gather and let marinate on the way back home. You might decide that moving with the current trends is in the best interest of your organization. You might choose the opposite and stay on the current course.

Nonetheless, you can make an informed decision.

Ask Questions

Conferences provide plenty of opportunities for attendees to ask questions. For example, the keynote speaker might hold a Q&A workshop, or you might discover that an industry leader will lead a course that interests you.

Attending these events allows asking questions in intimate environments not available anywhere else.


Leadership events provide attendees with several benefits. Professionals have several to pick from annually. Given the availability, attendees benefit from attending more than one. Then, they can ask questions, network with others, and obtain inspiration.

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