Pilots are not the normal human beings, they are a special breed. They certainly do what none of us can do. They are capable of flying high in the skies experiencing that ecstasy and that particular high which most of us never get to encounter all our lives. So keeping that in mind, they need to be treated differently too.

The selection of gifts for them should also be equivalent to the zenith of joy they feel while touching the skies. It should be something with flawless precision, practical as well as enticing to match their fly- high classiness. We tried our best to comb the interwebs to discover what are the likes, preferences and needs of a pilot. We hope that you may find something that your aviator fancies and you come out triumphant in making them a fan of your choice. Have a look!


If not all but most of the pilots do fancy this oh-so-manly jacket and wish to adorn this cooler than cool jacket. It comes with velvet collars which gives an effect of a macho man along with the over sized pockets on the sides to complete an aviator’s look.


They certainly do not do everything on the computers. Some things are bound to be done manually. Just like marking the destination or locating the right path when the light in the cockpit is scarce at the night time.


Just like they do not perform every function on the machine, they need to have a time piece on their wrists too. No matter if there are other very high tech ways to keep an eye on the time but nothing can beat the classiness of wearing a wrist watch to suit the gentleman nature of a pilot. IWC Big Pilot is one of the finest watches a pilot would adore and love to carry it along to the flight.


No matter how equipped and maintained an aircraft may be, but the pilot has got to be prepared keeping his personal tool kit handy, just in case he needs to fix a thing here or there. Previously, the pilots needed to fetch the required tools from their own tool box at home, but now there are special tool kits being designed which contain all the basic gadgets they would require.


Being on the flight high in the skies it is essential to beat the sun beams penetrating through the window glasses and the wind screen. Most of the aviators just love possessing these beauties to show off their status as pilots.


Pilots need to concentrate on what their job is without any disturbances and noise pollution distracting them. In that case, an efficient and facile headset is their savior. It is something they would always want to own and to call it theirs as it has a specific fit and comfort factor attached to it.

7. Gift Basket

What aviator wouldn’t love their favorite snacks, fruits, wines, or sweets delivered right to their door in a tasty and decorative gift basket? It’s a perfect way to celebrate, or just kick back after landing.

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