6 Seoul Must-Sees for World Traveling Empty Nesters

A visit to the capital of South Korea is guaranteed to be filled with wonder, excitement, and unforgettable memories. It’s the perfect location for empty nesters. You will experience city life and the beauty of nature all in the same trip. Soaking in the sights will involve exploring ancient temples beside towering skyscrapers. Tradition and technology coexist in Seoul like no other place in the world.

With so much to offer in one city, deciding what to do requires careful research and consideration. This is a guide to help narrow down your options as you explore all that Seoul has to offer. Start by using the Seoul accommodation guide at Treksplorer, and then consider these must-do’s for empty nesters:

1) Explore a Jjimjilbang

A jjimjibang is one of many spa retreats offered throughout South Korea. There are several options here when it comes to finding the best level of relaxation. You can bounce between hot tubs or try out an exfoliating body scrub. You can leave with smooth skin and a relaxed body! After years of stress with raising a family, you deserve luxury and relaxation. Seoul offers just this with a jjimjilbang!

2) Become a Star in a Noraebang

 For a really local experience, you have to sing in a Noraebang. This is a Korean karaoke room where you can choose between a wide variety of songs. Most will be 90s favorites, but you can belt out the lyrics to some of the best songs. Of course, it can get a little embarrassing if you do not care for the spotlight. But, hey, you spent years embarrassing your kids so you have had plenty of practice!

3) Blossom with the Cherries

Japan is not the only place with cherry blossoms. Seoul also has its fair share of cherry blossom views to offer. For two weeks of the year, typically in April, cherry blossoms are a great tourist attraction.

4) Walk on Walls

 Seoul is surrounded by city walls and are definitely walkable as a nice hike. The wall offers several trails to suit different interests and ability levels. The total length is 18.6 km with the opportunity to soak in the entire skyline during the walk.

5) Feel Like Royalty

 Seoul has several royal palaces to be explored. Each were built during the Joseon dynasty, which spanned five centuries of Korean history. The dynasty started in 1392 and ended in 1897. The main palace is Ggyeongbokgung. Three other palaces to explore include Changdeokgung, Changgyeonggung, and Deoksugung. A trick is to wear traditional Korean dresses for free entry.

6) Have a Food Frenzy

No trip to a new country is complete without trying new culinary delights. Seoul and South Korea are both known for amazing cuisine. After dealing with fussy eaters, you deserve to be a little adventurous! Some easy staples are Korean BBQ and Kimchi, but there is much more than that!

• dak: This is a mix of potatoes, flat noodles, special sauce, chunks of chicken, and peppers. Cheese can also be added for even more flavor.

• (Korean BBQ): Real Korean BBQ is grilled right on the table – so definitely try freshly grilled beef, pork, and other side dishes.

• Bibimbap: This dish translates to “mixed rice” and is a mix of mushrooms, greens, bean sprouts, carrots, radishes, gochujang sauce, and rice. It is a rather common dish you can find throughout the city.

Seoul has more to offer for every type of world traveler, including those who are leaving their empty nest and searching for adventure. No matter what you are looking for, it can be found in Seoul.

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