5 Things To Keep In Mind While Travelling To Dubai

Dubai is a popular travel destination for its bubbling nightlife, ostentatious hotels, breath-taking architectural structures, lush resorts, extravagant shopping, and many other amazing things.  Unarguably one of the world’s most-visited cities, Dubai has garnered massive visitorship and statistics clarify that it is one of the safest places for tourism. Vacationing in Dubai is like a dream come true to many because of fantastic attractions such as Dhow cruise creek.

While Dubai has long remained a desirable tourist destination, it’s still worthy to note that there are things anyone will keep you informed about how best to live your life in Dubai and several striking facts about the golden city.

Dubai Frowns Only at Public Intoxication and Not Drinking in General

Contrary to the belief of some people about Dubai being a dry place, the city, in actuality, doesn’t prohibit the consumption of alcohol. However, such consumption is restricted to authorized restaurants and bars often found around hotels. Also, on the one hand, the city prohibits public intoxication and on the other, it bars people below the age of 21 from drinking.

In spite of its stringent laws against illegal drinking, Dubai boasts hotel restaurants, bars, and clubs with sommeliers and bartenders who dexterously blend cocktail drink recipes. Also, many bars, restaurants, and clubs in the city sell high-quality wine and beer.

Dubai Has Something For Everybody

 Dubai is one of the best travel destinations in the world with lots of world class attractions and endless number of things to do and see for everybody. If you are a family vacationer, you can enjoy some calm atmosphere; you kids can take part in so many activities that include water sports in Dubai’s amazing water parks, get amazed at Dubai’s Miracle garden; enjoy luxury yachting experience in Dubai’s waters in the Persian gulf. A sightseeing Dubai tour is recommended for everyone. You can experience desert safari in  4×4 luxury vehicles, ride camels, dress like traditional Arabs as so on.

If you love eating, you can have unique experience of eating in a traditional dhow in the Dubai Marina. Dhow cruise Dubai is very popular activity among many different kinds of travelers. Any Dubai trip excluding a visit to the Dubai Mall will likely be considered incomplete. This shopping mall houses an ice-skating rink, arcades, restaurants, designer stores and lots more. With a collection of over 1,200 stores, the Dubai Mall is a shopping arena that could make you shop all day long if you’ve got a knack for shopping. So if you love shopping, Dubai is among the best places to shop in the world.

The City Maintains Strict Social Rules

This is something you should always bear in mind ahead of any trip to Dubai. By virtue of its Islamic status, Dubai maintains strict social rules preventing even couples from kissing or displaying other forms of affection in public places. Meanwhile, records show that people have been convicted of public sexual displays such as hugging and kissing. Again, some hotels hardly allow unmarried couples to be in the same room. Even if you and your partner are already married legally, you may still have to provide some evidence, possibly a marriage license, before a hotel can allow you to be in the same room.

Dubai Has Affordable Commercial Transit Options

Although many people barely realize it, commercial commuting is very affordable in Dubai, courtesy of the availability of many taxis in the city. Obviously, you shouldn’t let Dubai’s possession of ostentatious tourist attractions trick you into believing that everything in the city is expensive. As a tourist coming on a low budget, rest assured that there are handy Dubai taxis that wouldn’t cost you excessively. Also, most cabbies charge fairly for long-distance trips, perhaps inter-emirate commuting, but it’s advisable that you negotiate clearly with a cabby before embarking on any long-distance trip.

Safety is Nothing to Worry about in Dubai

In spite of the severe security threats ravaging parts of the Middle East, the UAE remains one of the safest countries in the region. This turns out to mean Dubai is a safe place for anyone and as stated by SafeAround.com, pickpocketing is the commonest security issue in the city. On account of all this and the rare incidence of street crimes, Dubai is always a safe destination for tourists from various parts of the world.

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  1. We had an amazing time during our Dubai Desert Safari Tour. Our tour guide was very friendly and told us lots of information about Dubai, the desert and its people. The food was great and we really enjoyed our time in the desert on Jeeps & Camels…

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