6 Popular Small Dog Breeds That Are Relatively Low-Maintenance

If you are looking for a little companion to add to your family, there are many options out there. All dog breeds differ in many ways, temperament, size, maintenance, exercise levels needed, and how they are with children.

Smaller dogs can be a great choice if you’re looking for all the love and companionship, without losing out on your bed space. Here are the top six popular dog breeds that are relatively low in maintenance. Click here to find out more about mini pomeranian.

Short Haired Dachshund

Originally bred for hunting purposes these little four legged friends originated in Germany, where they were bred as loyal and highly instinctual hunting dogs, with a great sense of smell and detection skills. Depending on what variety you choose to get (short haired or long-haired) the short haired dachshund can be low maintenance with its lack of fur and therefore need to be groomed.

In general dachshunds are evenly tempered and can be very affectionate, it’s advisable not to leave them alone with very young children as if play gets too physical they can get snappy and vocal.


Beagles make a great family pet due to their highly active personality and small yet sturdy frame. Originating in England in the mid 1800s, like the dachshund, the Beagle was also bred for hunting purposes, specifically for vermin and hare.

Energetic and intelligent, beagles have been a very popular companion for younger families, due to their breeding they require a lot of exercise to keep healthy and happy, so if you want a running buddy for your morning lap of the park, look no further.

French Bulldog

Sometimes referred to as a ‘Frenchie’ these small sturdy canines originated in France in the mid to late 1800s through breeding between a bulldog and local Paris ratters (think of your standard British bulldog, but smaller). Intensely loyal, these dogs love to be around their family and make great companions.

Although it has a small frame, the ‘Frenchie’ is a surprising muscular pooch that requires minimal exercise and only the occasional grooming. They are very good with children and other dogs as well.

Short Haired Chihuahua

Truly one of the smallest breeds on earth, and originating in Mexico is the intelligent chihuahua. These are very low maintenance dogs, with low grooming requirements and a short build that means short walks and the occasional game of catch should suffice for exercise.

Personality and temperament can vary with this breed. At an early stage in their development it is good to have them well socialized with other people and dogs, else they are prone to becoming very defensive and snappy when approached.

If they are, however, given attention and the right environment they can make loyal and happy companions that are great with children and mainly other smaller dogs.

Jack Russell Terrier

Formerly from England and bred in the early 18th century to aid hunters in the hunt for foxes and other small game animals, the Jack Russell Terrier has a loyal character and is highly energetic. They require a high level of exercise to keep fit and happy.

Much like the Chihuahua, these dogs can be prone to ‘small dog syndrome’ if they are inadequately socialized and not brought up around plenty of contact with other dogs, children and people. Given the right training and attention they can make perfect companions for you or a family with young children.

Bichon Frisé

Small in stature but larger than life in personality and friendliness, the Bichon Frisé like some other small dog breeds does not require huge amounts of exercise, and for those who are unfortunate to have an allergy, Bichon Frisé are hypoallergenic, but this comes at a cost. Unlike some other smaller breeds they do require more maintenance, but nothing that is not doable. Monthly clipping of nails, a brush daily and a bath every now and again, and they will stay happy and healthy.

A favorite among younger children for their fluffy and teddy bear looking coat, they are great with children if socialized well and even enjoy the occasional swim, so if you and your family have a pool, they will be sure to take a dip.


With all dog breeds be sure to research as some breeds are more affected by disease, allergies and infections than others. Each of the dog breeds above would thrive in the right environment, and are likely to make excellent additions to any family.

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