5 Ways Older Adults Can Avoid a Slip-and-Fall While Traveling

Fewer people are traveling this year. The airlines confirm it. It’s because of Covid-19 and health concerns.

While the pandemic is still raging, some individuals do need to travel for various reasons. That includes many older adults. Some are traveling for vacation, others to visit relatives or for business purposes.

If you’re an older adult and you’re getting ready to travel this year, then you should watch out for slip-and-fall situations. A slip-and-fall can cause a broken hip or other injuries, and that’s certainly something you want to avoid.

Here are ways that you can stay away from a slip-and-fall injury while traveling.

Bring a Cane with You

A study showed that over a six-year period, the mortality rate for those over 75 from a slip-and-fall more than doubled. That’s a troubling statistic.

Even if a slip-and-fall is not fatal, then you could still sustain:

    • A concussion or other head injury
    • Various broken bones
    • Bumps and bruises

One way that you can avoid this while traveling is to bring a cane with you to help you balance. A cane, if you use it correctly, is almost like a third leg. If you’ve had knee problems, then getting a cane is a smart idea.

Don’t Hurry

You might be eager to get where you’re going, but if you rush to get there, that’s often when a slip-and-fall occurs. Try not to run or walk too fast when you’re:

    • Moving through an airport
    • Walking through a bus terminal or train station

Going at a slow, deliberate pace will likely get you to where you’re going safely. You might not get there quite as fast, but you’ll arrive in one piece, and that’s what matters.

If you know that you have reduced mobility, you should leave the house a little bit earlier to make sure you have time to walk through the airport, bus terminal, etc. If you’re traveling with others, they should have no problem adjusting their pace to fit yours.

Consider a Wheelchair

If your mobility is quite bad, you may also consider getting yourself a wheelchair or motorized scooter. Some older adults who have had leg or back problems invest in one.

You don’t necessarily need to use it all the time. For traveling, when other people surround you, and you’re in unfamiliar territory, it can be a useful tool.

Don’t feel embarrassed if this is a time in your life you need a wheelchair or scooter. A little reduced mobility is natural, and it’s something many people eventually experience.

Use Escalators and Moving Sidewalks

Many older adults slip and fall when they try to use stairs. Stairs require more balance and agility than some older individuals have.

When you travel, you’ll often find that there are moving sidewalks in airports or train stations. Take advantage of them. You can stand on one side while faster-moving individuals pass by on the other.

You will often find escalators alongside stairs. You can use those as well. Sometimes one might be out of service, but there might be an elevator nearby that you can use instead.

Builders of most airports, bus stations, etc. have older adults in mind these days, not to mention others with reduced mobility. You should not find it all that difficult to get around.

Have Someone Else Carry Your Luggage

Some older adults have a slip-and-fall while traveling if they try to carry a heavy bag through a hotel lobby or to their room. If your balance is not the best at this point in your life, then you should attempt to concentrate more on that for your own safety.

Hotel or airport staff will be happy to help you by carrying your bags. It’s part of their job to see that you get safely to your destination, so call for help if you need it.

If you’re with family or friends, they might also take your bags if there’s no staff member around to do it. If you have the kids or grandkids along with you, put them to work. There’s no need for you to overburden yourself by trying to carry large, cumbersome suitcases.

Older adults love traveling in many cases, especially if you’ve reached retirement age. Now is the time you can explore the world like you always meant to do.

It’s best if you’re cautious, though, if you no longer have perfect balance. You don’t want to experience a slip-and-fall and a lengthy recovery process.

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