5 Tips to Preparing For a Visit to a Gun Range for the First Time

A gun range is basically a place that’s specifically designed for practicing how to shoot. However, you must be a licensed gun holder to be allowed to practice at your local shooting range. It actually offers a thrilling experience to hear shots being fired not because of crime but as a hobby that helps gun holders perfect their shooting skills. However, guns are dangerous when they are not handled with caution. A single mistake can result in serious injury and sometimes even the loss of life. Research shows that first time shooting range visitors are more vulnerable to such injuries than their seasoned counterparts. This is because they tend to be carried away by the thrill and observe the safety precautions that are issued by the management of the facility. Here is a list of the things that you should do to remain safe while visiting a gun range for the first time.

1. Go through a Gun Orientation Session

Most licensed gun holders buy ammunition before learning how to use it. If it’s your first time to practice in a shooting range, it’s recommended you attend orientation classes that are offered by certified shooting instructors. During the training session, you will be shown how to inspect your ammunition and how to load it with bullets. You will also learn how each part of the gun functions when a bullet is being released from the chamber. If you have any doubts, you should ask the instructor for clarification instead of assuming you know everything.

2. Wear Safety Gear

This one goes without saying. Like mentioned at the beginning of the article, handling guns is a risky affair. For a start, you should carry a pair of safety goggles. These normally shield your eyes from any debris or dirt that may result from the act of shooting your target. In addition to that, you should wear a pair of ear protection headphones. This is because the noise that’s usually made in an indoor shooting facility can damage your eardrums. If you are lucky, you will find all these safety gear is readily available at the facility. Despite that, it’s still recommended that you carry your own for convenience purposes. When you have your own gear, you don’t have to wait until fellow shooters are done to get started.

3. Bring Your Own Accessories

While gun ranges may carry accessories or add-ons, it is still good practice to bring your own. For one, it is possible that the gun range you visit would not have any of your preferred add-ons because they are in use. Or the accessories you want to use are damaged. You can still go ahead with your session but it won’t be the same. That’s why when you are getting ready for your trip to the gun range, you have to tick off the boxes on your checklist one by one. That means making sure you pack your favorite equipment or add-ons like a carry handle rear sight for your AR-15. This way, you can adjust your optics, elevation, and more to your comfort. You also do not have to delay your turn at the gun range waiting for someone to hand you an accessory or equipment you want to use. You may also bring your own 80 lower receiver. Note that an 80% lower does not require a serial number because it is an incomplete firearm so it’s safe to own and bring one.

4. Avoid Accidental Shots like Plague

Unintended shots can turn your life into a living hell. Imagine what would happen if you killed someone at the shooting area? Or if your stray shots landed on an unoccupied car? To save yourself from such trouble, it’s recommended that you always ensure that the muzzle of the gun is not pointing towards anything that’s not your target object. You should also avoid resting your fingers on the trigger unless you are ready to shoot. Sometimes an accidental shot can happen when guns are carried the wrong way using a bag. If you have several guns, it’s advisable you invest in a pistol range bag because it comes with isolated slots for packing the weapons separately. It’s also advisable that you avoid loading a gun when you are not using it. That way, you can be sure that no one will be injured in case of an accidental shot.

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