5 Tips To Make a Large Family Vacation Work for Everyone!

Everybody is now at the point where they’re looking forward to going on vacation again. And now you may be thinking about bringing the entire family onboard. A family vacation is one of those great experiences in life, but if you want to extend the invitation further out and have a massive family vacation with grandparents, cousins, and everybody in between, there’s a few things you need to remember.

Check for Accessibility and Safety

One of the great benefits of most booking platforms is that you can learn from other guests’ experiences. If there is an auntie or grandparent that needs a fully accessible bathroom, will the accommodation provide this? Additionally, you will need to think about accessibility in terms of travel. Many people opt for specialized vehicles in this respect, but there are also many charter buses that provide accessibility. And in terms of the family vacation, this means that you will all be traveling together, which will be great for the family bonding.

Book a Larger Place Than You Need

It’s tempting to think that you can just book one big self-serve destination, but it’s best to find places that have one extra bedroom than you need. This is for the very simple reason that if you’ve got a dozen family members under one roof, it can provide a quiet space, but also, the more rooms you have in the accommodation, the more bathrooms and living spaces there will be. Also, it provides sufficient storage. It’s important to have a living space with more living rooms, but always make sure you do your homework and check the reviews and photos.

Think of Ways to Save Time

Flexibility is important during your vacation, and if you decide to rent cars, you may want to think about two different vehicles rather than a minivan, this is especially true if you have a lot of teenagers or younger adults because this means that there are two distinct camps of traveler, which will make the journey a bit more age-appropriate, and they won’t be as many culture clashes!

Find Activities That Everyone Will Enjoy

It sounds obvious, but if there are young children coming on vacation as well as your octogenarian grandparents, you need to have a number of activities that everybody can enjoy. It’s important for family members to split up and do their own thing, but when there are activities that everybody can take part in, for example, board games, it is a great way for everyone to interact.

Make Plenty of Memories

Finally, don’t forget that this is an occasion for the entire family you are not going to experience again, either due to aging family members, or the fact it was too stressful to organize! Make sure that you take plenty of photos, and you can make a photo album or an online collage. A picture of your grandmother laughing with one of the children or your pet licking the baby’s ice cream is going to be an amazing memory that you will forever treasure!

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