5 Tips for Moving to Pattaya, Thailand

Thailand is hands-down one of the most awesome countries to visit in Asia. But living there is even better, especially a coastal town like Pattaya.

If you’re planning to buy or rent in Pattaya, Thailand, it’s a good idea to consider renting or investigating Pattaya properties in person before you decide on any down payments or permanent purchases of real estate. Once you have your new home all set, making a move is the easy part, and it can be low stress if you use these tips.

1) Prepare for Heat

Thailand is located south of China in Asia. So, being in this area means that it’s scorching for most of the year. With the average temperatures being between 65 -100+ degrees Fahrenheit (18-38+ Celsius), bringing cool clothing is a must. These hot temperatures in Thailand can make beach days in Pattaya beautiful and relaxing, but living there each day means you need be more conscious of your water intake, retreat to the air conditioning if you get too hot, and pack plenty of light clothing.

2) Learn the Language

The common language spoken is Thai. Sometimes, meanings and details can be lost in translation between individuals, making it hard to set up accounts, make purchases, or get around the city. But this will not be a problem if you use Certified Translation Services.

If you are planning to make a permanent move to Pattaya, learning Thai will make the transition easier and smoother for you.

3) Details about Visas and Papers­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­

Immigration to any country can be a long and difficult process, and Thailand is no exception. Thailand offers several types of visa based on the type of travel you are doing and the length of your stay. A good starting point for anyone wanting to move to Thailand permanently is called a Thai Elite Visa and lasts for 5 to 20 years. While this is technically a tourist visa, it will allow you to live in the country long enough to qualify for a permanent resident visa and become an official resident of Thailand.

4) Setting up your Bank Accounts

When moving to a new area permanently, switching to a local bank is wise. Banking in Thailand can be very different, and using banks from other countries will likely cost you a small fortune with foreign transaction fees. Some banks with good reputations are Bangkok Bank and the Bank of Ayudhya. Additionally, it is good to set up a service like PayPal or Transferwise on both your Thai and original bank account to manage your funds seamlessly.

5) Enjoy Every Minute

This city is one of the most beautiful in the world, with stunning beaches and amazing attractions. Once you have gotten to your new home in this city, it helps to manage stress by taking breaks from all the setup and the settling in to walk around and explore the area. With many beautiful and natural areas in Pattaya, you will never run out of places to explore and new areas to see.

Final Thoughts

Pattaya is one of Thailand’s gems, and if you are moving here, be sure to consider these tips. Knowing the language can help make setting up your accounts easy, as well as managing your money transfer between the Thai baht and your original currency. Packing for the area and having all your papers set in advance can help ease your stress while you settle into your new home.

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