5 Things to do if You are in a Truck Accident

Being in any accident on the road is scary, but when a truck is involved the stakes are higher. If you drive a truck you would have gone through a lot of training to drive a truck and are likely a very confident driver. Nevertheless, accidents happen and whether it was your fault or someone else’s, there are certain steps you must take if you have been in an accident involving a truck. If you are reading this because you have already experienced an accident involving a truck and are concerned that you didn’t take the right steps, or are in need of some specialist advice then click the following link for the best following a truck accident.

Be safe and phone 9-11

Tend to your own needs first. Make sure you are out of harms way. Then phone 9-11 as soon as you can. In an accident which involves a truck there may be several vehicles involved or even pedestrians. Dial 9-11 who will help you to asses whether an ambulance is needed and dispatch police. Police can also help you to gather information from any eye-witnesses.  Take time before they arrive to reflect on the incident and give an honest report to the police.

Try to avoid talking about the incident

Be careful with what you say. Even a simple apology could work against you when trying to decipher whose fault it was. You may think that you contributed to the incident, but you do not have the full story. Keep it simple and gather information.

Gather information

Get photos of any vehicles involved and take down information, such as the name of the driver, their contact details, car information and who they are insured with. Also take names and numbers of any passers by who may act as eye-witnesses. You may also want to take videos or audio recordings as people may change their stories over time, especially if the following legal or insurance process is lengthy. It could also help to take photos of the road, especially if there were any contributing factors, such as pot-holes or poor signage. Any skid marks or damage to surrounding property may also help to build a picture of what happened.

Stay at the crash scene

In some states leaving the crime scene could be considered a hit and run, so be sure to stay put until you have completed all of the other steps. Even if your vehicle is not damaged and you do not think that you are at fault.

Contact a legal expert

An incident involving a truck is likely to be complicated. Especially when there are several vehicles involved. Different parties likely have different versions of what happened, and people can misremember, especially in times of stress. It is important to have someone with experience help you through the process. As soon as you can, contact an expert who can help you.

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