5 Side Gigs for Extroverts

The kids are out of the house, finishing up college, or building their own career and your home is unusually quiet. Suddenly you realize your empty nest means more time on your hands. Maybe you were that parent who was involved in everything and your extroverted personality shone through. So now what? 

Whether you feel like you need something to fill your time or are ready to catch up on bills, now is an excellent time to reach your financial goals. The good news is you could be at a prime age to earn more now that you’re over 40. According to research and reporting from the Harvard Business Review, extroverted professionals start earning more between the ages of 40 and 60. But that doesn’t mean you need to stick to your career to give your finances a boost. Start a side gig that suits your extroverted personality and brings more money, and fun, to your life.

Direct Sales

Working in a sales position can be lucrative, but not always flexible. Enjoy your kid-free time and leave plenty of room for travel and fun in your life by pivoting to direct sales. After doing a little online research, you might wonder, what does Amway do or what opportunities do other direct sales companies offer? Explore which companies’ products align with your interests and skill set and start brainstorming ways to sell to your network. Consider launching your own YouTube channel that teaches women how to care for their skin or host a MeetUp group that explores nutrition and health in middle age and beyond. If you love talking to people about the products you already use, direct sales may be a good fit for you.

Tour Guide

Do you love your town or a nearby city? Organizing and running tours are a wonderful way to satisfy your extroverted side while meeting new people. Check your city and state’s rules and regulations for hosting your own tours. You can always offer tours through an existing company that already secured necessary licenses, or work on your own. Even smaller towns need tours for foodies, gardeners, or historic home enthusiasts. 

Event Planner

Do you love being in charge and planning the little details from start to finish? Align your extroverted personality with event planning to provide amazing experiences for your clients. But instead of just offering planning for all events, think about your own experiences. Planning an upscale graduation party, family reunion, or anniversary dinner might be the perfect step and help your services stand out from the competition. 

Brand Ambassador

Have you ever fantasized about getting paid to talk about an event or product? Brand ambassadors are at high demand at festivals, expos, and even grocery stores. Talking about a product and showing how to use it and answering any questions is a fun way to spend the day. It could also result in free products and a nice paycheck to add to your retirement fund or to save up for that big trip abroad. 

Niche Tutor

Teachers, natural educators, and anyone who loves sharing his or her knowledge can make a lucrative side gig as a tutor. Generalized tutoring is in demand for young kids on up to college-aged students, but there are ways to niche your services down and earn even more. Offering college test prep services, teaching senior citizens how to use social media, and teaching accountants how to create and run an email list to keep in touch with their clients, are all ways to specialize and charge a premium for your services. 

Empty nesters face significant adjustments as their day-to-day role and identity shifts. Instead of wondering what to do next, use this new chapter to launch your own side gig and watch your new business thrive. 


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