5 Reasons to Rent a Car during Your Canadian Vacation

To most people, driving in a foreign country or city can feel like work. This is why most vacationers travel like locals by using public transport when moving from one tourist attraction to the other. However, there is a certain allure to having your own car if the area you are touring is conducive for driving. If you have a valid driving license and no driving anxiety, here are five reasons why renting a car during vacation is the best idea:

1. Convenience

There is no other way you can enjoy 100% freedom and convenience except having your own wheels. Public transport subjects you to their itinerary, rigid schedules, and specific routes. If you want to enjoy your vacation fully, a car will help you to stop along some beautiful viewpoints and even take an unscheduled brunch. Once you take your car from the car rental agency in Toronto, you can leave your hotel as early as you want and come back at night because you are not relying on the timetable of the buses or trains.

2. Comfort

Public transport might be cheap, but they are definitely not comfortable. You have to share your space with a lot of people, sit in uncomfortable chairs and sweat throughout the trip. Your own car comes with the luxury of enough leg space, air conditioner, radio, and some peace of mind. This comfort is especially important if you have kids with you because they constantly need to be fed, taken to the toilet or to sleep along the way. Buses can’t offer those luxuries.

3. Save money as a group

The only sell point for public transport is usually affordability. However, when traveling as a group with family or friends, you can spend quite a hefty amount on those buses or trains. In this instance, renting a car is a sensible thing to do. You can fit your entire family in one car, and the cost will remain the same.

4. On-the-fly exploration

The best part of vacationing is seeing those unique places that are hidden away from the city. The only way you can access those places is if you are driving yourself. Public transport can only take you so far because they have to follow a specific track. If you have a car, however, you can take unexpected detours, stop for viewpoints and even carry bikes to ride in those beautiful places.

5. Speed

Perhaps one of the main reasons why people rent vehicles during vacation is speed. Nothing is more annoying than having to wait on a bus or a train when you are in a hurry during your vacation. A car gives you the luxury to drive as fast as you want and avoid all those stop points that public transport has to make. If you have limited time to cover an entire city, the best option would be a car because it’s faster and will save you plenty of time.

When renting a car in a new place, it’s essential to go through the fine print carefully, so you don’t break the local laws. Skipping some pages can also make you pay more than you bargained for. Lastly, make sure you are comfortable driving in the said town or request for a driver.

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