5 Reasons to Hire a Villa for your Next Holiday

Are you planning a special getaway? Whether you are going solo or bringing friends and family, you should consider renting a villa.

Stay in Luxury

A villa is the most luxurious option available to the vast majority of holidaymakers. Villas are always going to be nicer than hotels, and they are decidedly more authentic. If you want to taste of what traditional life by the sea in Sicily is like, renting villas in front of the sea is the best way of experiencing it.

Villas are more like regular homes, albeit more luxurious than the average home. This is reflected in the furniture and furnishings within. Often, these are much more comfortable in a villa. In a hotel, these things are usually chosen with function, rather than design, in mind.

Cheaper Than You Think

One of the most common reasons that holidaymakers don’t even consider a villa as an option is because they have misapprehensions about the price. In fact, renting a villa isn’t nearly as expensive as many people assume it is. With the widespread availability of special offers and group discounts (thank you, internet!), there is now a range of options for those who would like to hire a villa for their next holiday at a reasonable rate.

Better Value

Even if you do pay more to stay in a villa, you will be getting much more for your money. The price of a villa will usually be more than a standard hotel room, but you still pay less money per metre than you would in a hotel.

Consider as well that you are paying for exclusive use of the villa. If you stay in a hotel, you will have to share the building, and the facilities, with other guests. Staying in a villa gives you the whole place to yourselves, meaning there is more than enough room for groups, families, and couples to all enjoy the villa.

More Space

If you think about your accommodation as being bought on a per size unit basis, the villa clearly represents great value. You might pay less for a hotel room, but you a paying considerably more for every metre of space that you have. With a villa, you have all the space you need to spread out and divide your group. Not only this, but villas don’t stop at the walls, some of the Inspirato villas have their own private beach. There will be grounds to explore, and nearly always some local areas of interest nearby.


Whether you are going abroad or not, if you are staying in a villa, you have complete control over what you eat. This is great news for families, where the parents may want to try some of the local cuisines while the children would prefer to stick with the familiar. Cooking for yourself is also considerably cheaper than eating out every night, so you will be saving yourselves money as well!

If you want to experience your next holiday destination in true style and luxury, renting a villa is definitely the way to go. It’s more affordable than you might think!

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