5 Reasons to Build a Really Small House

You’ve probably heard of the tiny house craze. People are building houses the size of broom closets (okay, fine, they’re bigger than a broom closet) and trying to live off the grid–in really, really tiny homes. Maybe they’re trying to avoid property tax. Maybe they’re just trying to live minimalistically. Either way, they’re fitting all their plumbing, appliances, food, possessions, and clothes into a house not much bigger than the average living room.

Why, and–how? While most of us couldn’t live in a space quite that small, maybe they’re onto something. In fact, building your own home, but building it really small, might be just what you’re looking for. Without further ado, here are five reasons to build a really small house.

Less Money

If you buy a house off the market, you can expect to spend quite a bit of money on it. (But you knew that already.) Big or small, ugly or beautiful, houses are expensive, and the bigger and the prettier they are, the more they’ll cost you. Instead of spending so much, you could contact a Commercial Construction Company in Lyndhurst, OH and build your own. While building a house is often expensive as well, building a tiny house could cost as little as $20,000. If you can’t handle conditions that small, even a bigger small house will be a lot less expensive than your average home purchase.

Better Aesthetic

If you have a smaller home built, then–like we said–it’s going to cost you less money. That means instead of settling for an ugly house you can afford, you can build a small but breathtaking place to live. The less you spend on square footage, the more you can spend on gorgeous windows, and the more control you have over internal architecture.

Less Stuff

If you don’t have anywhere to put it, you kind of have to stop buying more stuff. You’ll pause over that new shirt when you realize–if I buy this, I have to donate one of my shirts at home. When you only have space for what you really need, it keeps you from owning too much. This break from consumerism might be refreshing. In fact, having less stuff might even make you happier.

Easier to Clean

A smaller house is easier to clean–plain and simple. You won’t be able to live in a small space unless you mega-organize, and that kind of necessities-only, everything-in-its-place lifestyle will keep you from cleaning much at all. If mess and dirt don’t appeal to you, but you don’t want to hire a maid–strategize. Downsize your cleaning territory from the start.

Better Peace of Mind

If the first four results seemed good, think about what they’d probably bring you: peace of mind. A beautiful home means more contentment. If having less stuff is making people happier, and a smaller house allows people to spend money on things that really matter, then having a smaller house could really help bring you peace of mind.

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