10 Ways to Show Off at Your Wedding (You Know You Want To)

Picture the last wedding you attended.

Was it the most sensational thing you’d ever seen? Did you leave saying, “Wow, that was the best wedding–I mean seriously, the best wedding–I’ve ever been to!”? Do you still think about how different, exciting, and full of personality it was?

Probably not.

Sad but true–most weddings are exactly alike. Your love for the bride and groom is the only thing keeping you from yawning. From ceremony, to decorations, to reception entertainment, one wedding feels exactly like another.

Not your wedding, though.

Your upcoming nuptial celebration is going to be packed with personality, because you and your partner intend to show off. Without further ado, here are our ten favorite tips for showing off at your wedding.

Break Some Traditions

Whether you want to walk down the aisle to rock music, have a picnic reception, or do carnival-themed catering, find a way to break some traditions. Find something other than unity candles, and do something different (like a journal for favorite memories) for the guest book.

Look Great

This is no day to be a wallflower. Rely on local vendors to look your absolute best. Head to the best hairstylist in Madison, WI, or get your teeth whitened in Newark, NJ. Get your nails done. And of course–have the perfect outfit. Nevermind: that deserves its own shout out.

Have the Perfect Dress

(If you’re a guy, cross off and insert: suit. But let’s face it; you won’t be getting as much attention.) You know why everyone stands when the bride enters? It’s so they can get a good look at her wedding gown. Pick a dress that pops with your personality, fits you like a glove, and highlights the best of your figure.

Wow with Your First Dance

The first dance can be beautiful, or it can be the most boring part of a wedding. (Sorry, friends.) Two people standing there swaying stops being interesting after the first 30 seconds. It’s sweet, but it’s not dynamic. Take dancing lessons in Lincolnshire, IL, or wherever you live, to make your first dance spectacular. Perhaps even choreograph a fun and surprising dance!

Be Quirky

Want to do something weird at your wedding? Start the ceremony at 1:13, and put that on all the invitations. Make the guests wear costumes, or have prizes for things like “best bad dance moves” at the reception.

Have Entertaining Centerpieces

Most centerpieces are a bouquet, surrounded by some candles. If you want to show off more personality at your wedding, try these bulk lace table runners, or have themed tables: your favorite movies, books, or places you’ve traveled together.

Be Funny

Instead of kissing for clinking, make your guests tell funny stories about you or your partner. The guests will be entertained by your past antics, and you don’t even have to do the work. Let’s be honest–you and your partner have done some hilarious things in your day.

Have a Best Man/Maid of Honor Dance

We don’t mean have those two dance together. (Boring!) We mean–have the groom do a choreographed dance with the best man, or the bride with the maid of honor. It can be truly hilarious.


Normally, it’s your job to hire the entertainment, but if you and your partner have a shared skill, or skills that can be combined, then you can show off with a bride-and-groom performance. Sing, dance, heck–do a puppet show. Your guests will love a round of Bride and Groom Got Talent.

Have Weird Food

Every wedding, it’s the same. A slab of chicken on a plate. If you want your wedding to taste different, have unconventional food. Your guests will bless your name while they eat pizza, burritos, or mac-and-cheese–you know, food that actually tastes good.

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