5 Reasons to Add Ecuador to Your Travel Bucket List

Are you looking for an exciting new travel destination for your next international holiday? Tired of all the same uninspired vacation suggestions? Do you want to get off the beaten track and experience a completely unfamiliar part of the world?

Then look no further than Ecuador. Ecuador is a small country located on the west coast of South America, and it is an undiscovered gem in the tourism world. Most visitors to the continent tend to flock to the more popular travel destinations of Peru and Brazil, but Ecuador goes largely under the radar. Yet for the intrepid traveler, there are all kinds of wonders and delights to discover in this wonderful country.

So what makes Ecuador so great?

The Galapagos Islands

You’ve probably heard of them, but did you know they belong to Ecuador? The Galapagos Islands are famous for being the location where Charles Darwin formulated his theory of evolution and are also home to some of the world’s most unique and diverse wildlife, including ancient gigantic tortoises and black iguanas. Add to this the fact that it is one of the remotest spots on the planet teeming with lush green jungle and surrounded by the bluest ocean you’ll ever see. You’ll never want to return to civilization again.

The cities

Ecuador is home to some of the most fascinating cities in the world. It’s capital, Quito, sits at 3000m above sea level, making it the second-highest city in the world. Nestled in the middle of a rugged mountain landscape, it’s one of the most unique places to visit in Ecuador, brimming with ancient churches and gorgeous 16th-century colonial architecture. You could spend hours wandering the maze of streets, exploring the historic quarter, and sampling wares from the numerous market stalls. The city also sits on the equator, and you’ll have the opportunity to stand on the line separating the Northern and Southern hemispheres.

The mountains

The natural scenery of Ecuador is breathtaking. Snow-capped mountains, pristine sandy beaches, and dense, green rainforests make up one of Earth’s most diverse landscapes. Take a visit to see the active volcano of Cotopaxi, Ecuador’s second-highest summit. And for the truly adventurous, there are several peaks to climb and multi-day treks to explore.

The adventure

The city of Banos is the adventure capital of Ecuador. However you like to get your adrenaline fix, you are sure to find it here. From epic hikes and climbs to bungee jumping off bridges and white water rafting, you can do it all here amidst the most beautiful scenery imaginable. Many travelers arrive here and stay a lot longer than they planned.

The food

No international trip is complete without sampling the local cuisine, and Ecuador has endless culinary delights to offer. Soup is a staple of Ecuadorian cooking, and there plenty of baked goods and breads to enjoy. Fish lovers will not be disappointed with the irresistible taste of seafood ceviche and the mouth-watering fish stew encebollado. And for those with a sweet tooth, Ecuador is often regarded as home to the world’s best chocolate.

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