5 Incredible Things Every Canadian Tourist Must Try When Here

Canada is an amazing travel destination that offers an incredible mix of natural beauty, great food, and cool culture. The people here are warm and friendly, so you feel like being at home. While you will surely have a bucket list of the places to visit, foods to relish, and things to do when you land in the country, there are some exciting ones you may not really know about. If you have Canadian friends, they will probably have some insider’s advice for you. For those without anyone to guide, we have this wish list of incredible things to try when you are here.

See the Northern Lights

For tourists looking to connect with nature, there isn’t the option to miss the Northern Lights. Most travelers consider countries like Norway, Iceland, and Finland as the best destinations to spot the lights, Canada is also an excellent choice for seeing them. You will have to travel close to the Arctic Circle, with options being Churchill in Manitoba, Edmonton in Alberta, Whitehorse in the Yukon, Yellowknife in the Northwest Territories, and Kuujjuaq in Quebec.

Plan a road trip

If you have ample time, there isn’t a better way to explore this beautiful country than by car. It lets you explore the tiny little towns, lovely countryside, majestic mountains and lesser-known destinations you shouldn’t miss. A road trip is much cheaper than other means, and you have the freedom to do your own thing. But make sure that you are prepared for long stretches without gas stations and rest stops.

Get a weed experience

Another incredible thing that you shouldn’t miss out on while holidaying in Canada is a weed experience. Now that cannabis is legalized here, buying and consuming it isn’t a concern as long as you are over the legal age and comply with the state regulations. It is easy to pick various options here, as dispensaries stock up a range of products. If it is your first time, you can start with edibles canada for a safe yet enjoyable experience. Later, you can move on to other options like tinctures, oils, and vapes, but make sure that you do it legally and judiciously.

Hit the slopes

Canada in winters is a paradise for adventure lovers as it offers great skiing and snowboarding experiences. You can check out Banff, a mountain town acclaimed for its excellent trails. Other popular skiing destinations include Sunshine Village, Lake Louise, Mont Tremblant, Whistler Blackcomb, and Kicking Horse. Even those who aren’t keen on adventure sports can visit these destinations for the majestic views of snow-capped mountains.

Check out a game of ice hockey

When you are here, you must surely not miss the excitement of watching an ice hockey match. The game is huge in the country, which also happens to be its original birthplace. If you check around the upcoming sports events at your destination, you will probably find a match or two you can watch during your stay.

Even as you explore the streets of the big cities like Toronto and Vancouver or enjoy the magnificent views at Niagara Falls, you must not miss out on the hidden wonders of the country. So the next time you plan a holiday in Canada, be sure to have these experiences on your bucket list!

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