5 Incredible Camping Hacks for First Time-Campers

Camping is a traditional summertime venture, and it is a wonderful approach to spend quality time with your family and to enjoy the outdoors. It is no doubt that camping takes quite a lot of preparation and energy. There are countless ways to make camping more comfortable, less stressful, and more fun, this article will be shining light on a few camping hacks for all first-time campers.

Know Your Gear

Most new campers usually wait until they get to the campground before they try out their new gear. It is essential to be familiar with your camping gear, keep that phrase “practice makes perfect” in mind. Outdoorish.com is a great website that has a few gear reviews and gear guides.

Practice setting up your tent in your backyard before you go camping. Make sure to check how lanterns and camp stoves work as well as checking if they work correctly. Quality camping gear and knowing how they work will keep you prepared, safe, comfortable, and helps you to enjoy your camping trip.

Arrive Early

There a few common mistakes that first-time campers make do not let this simple task be one of them. As a new camper, you will presumably be unfamiliar with campground facilities and rules. It is crucial to arrive early enough to give yourself time to learn the campground layout and set up camp during daylight hours, as it is much easier when you can see what you are doing.

The campsite you choose will have a significant impact on how much you enjoy your first camping trip. Ensure to work out how far you want to travel, whether you wish to travel to the countryside or coast,

you want loads of facilities, which is likely to be noisy and busy whether you want a wilder camping experience, where you would have to compromise on facilities.

Have Alternative Ways to Make a Campfire

Making a campfire is one of those fun, primal activities of camping that make a camping trip feel cozy and social. And, when the campfire temperature is right, let us not forget that it allows us to cook our food and make delicious smores.

A few alternatives of making a fire include lean-to campfire which is best for beginners and windy weather, classic teepee, log cabin, and Dakota fire hole. If you do not have kindling, the next best thing is packing toilet paper rolls with dryer lint.

Make a Checklist (and use it)

Many new campers often overlook a checklist, but it is not fun getting to the campground and finding out that you forgot something. Use a checklist while you are packing and check off each item as you go.

It is vital to add buying gear at the right time as number one on your checklist, as gear is regularly more expensive around the start of the camping season. It could be beneficial to buy camping gear in winter or early spring. Most stores have a summer sale at the end of the season, which is another excellent time to pick up a good deal.

Buy a Tent that is Big Enough

Ensure that space and comfort are a priority in your choice of tents. For a family camping trip warrant that the tent you get has a capacity rated two higher than the number of campers. So, for a family of two, get a four-person tent, for a family of four a 6-person tent, and so on.

Living and sleeping on top of each other is sure to make you feel cranky. Therefore, it would be worth it to opt for a bigger tent. You could also buy a head-height tent which will allow you to stand up inside. No matter where you are camping, these hacks will all help you to enjoy yourself and feel like a pro, especially if you are a beginner who has never camped before.

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