5 Great Reasons To Go On A Safari

The world is changing fast, and like it or not, global warming is a looming reality, and certain parts of the world might change beyond recognition. One such region is Africa, and this is all the more reason to experience the real beauty of the African continent. With that in mind, here are a few great reasons to book a safari holiday while you still can.

Experience the Natural Beauty

There is no other place in the world with the spectacular vistas in Africa, and Namibia has it all, pristine beaches, desert dunes and lush forest and grasslands. While Kenya is the nation most people think of regarding African safaris, Namibia is much cheaper and has more to offer the tourist. It has become the most popular safari destination for Europeans, Americans and Australians.

See The Big 5

The 5 large animals are all found in Namibia, where you can observe lions, cheetahs, giraffe, elephants, wildebeest, rhinos and hippos in their natural habitat. If you search online for Namibia private luxury safari tours, you will find a specialist safari tour operator that is willing to tailor the experience to suit the client. You would have an English-speaking guide who knows the area well and can locate the animals you wish to observe.

Sharing Cultures

When you book a luxury guided safari, you will have more than one opportunity to connect with the local people, indeed, with an English-speaking guide, you can actually have a conversation with bushmen. You can ask them how they hunt, plus they are very interested in the western way of life and your smartphone will provide a real attraction. These people are very connected to nature, they have roots and leaves to cure almost every ailment, and you can enjoy a few meals with the locals, while enjoying their customs and dances.

Witness Wildlife Preservation

Countries like Namibia are well aware that they are home to endangered species, and they have many projects running to preserve and protect the wildlife in their national parks. You can learn how the people protect the White Rhino and ensure that the giraffes and hippos can live an undisturbed life, yet even with these efforts, wild animals are coming into contact with humans far more than they used to.

Affordable & Safe

Some people worry about contact with large predatory animals, but the rangers and guides have very strict rules when in certain areas of the park. As they are local, they know how the animals behave, and when out in vehicles, you must always follow your guide’s instructions and never leave the vehicle without asking first. The cost of a safari holiday in Namibia is very reasonable, and as it is an all-inclusive price, you only need a little spending money for souvenirs.

If you would like to learn more about safari holidays in Namibia, a Google search will put you in touch with the right tour operator and you can plan a unique custom safari that includes an English-speaking guide. Their expertise assures that you and your group will have a memorable holiday observing the African wildlife in spectacular surroundings.

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