5 Crazy Things That You Can Do In Cambodia

Cambodia, the Southeast Asian country has been attracting hundreds and thousands of tourists lately. The country is massively famous for the Hindu temple called Angkor Wat.

But Cambodia is much more than that, and you need to travel the length and breadth with some planning.

When you are in Cambodia, and you want to travel from Battambang to Sihanoukville, you can go for 3 options – you can take a taxi, or you may take a bus or even a plane.

Indeed, the rich historical artefacts of Cambodia are mainly famous among tourists globally. But did you know that you can make your trip to Cambodia absolutely happening and crazy?

Well, then you must try doing any of the things discussed below!

How about eating a tarantula?!

In Cambodia, people eating tarantulas is quite a big deal. Mostly all Cambodians have this believed that eating bugs is good for people’s health. Especially for the heart. Some people even plain that eating tarantula works as a much better aphrodisiac than the dark chocolates. So, you can easily find grilled or deep-fried tarantulas being sold in restaurants and street food vendors. If you do not like munching on them, then you can even try it in the drink form. Tarantula wine is a very common drink found in the nation.

Try ghost hunting!

Anyone interested in going to spooky places should have this thing on their bucket list. The Bokor Hill Station is a resort area now located in the south of the Phnom Bokor. There were the French Colonists who ordered locals to build the complex, which included a luxurious hotel and casino in the year 1920. All through the 20a and 30s, there were Europeans who flocked to this resit area until World War II. Then the locals rebuilt the Bokor Hill Sation after the war, but it again fell into disrepair in the year 1970 and then never recovered from that situation. Now this area is open for the visitors to explore.

Cambodia Landmine Museum is a must-visit!

The Cambodian Landmine Museum aspires for a world free of landmines. When you visit this museum, you are going to learn about Aki Ra, a man who deactivated around 50,000 mines all by himself, across Cambodia. Ra kept all the destroyed mines and later showed them to the people. His collection became immensely popular, and the government moved him to the Angkor National Park. Now many tourists learn about the horrific repercussions of war. The Cambodian Landmine Museum also teamed care of children in need.

Enjoy the nightlife at the pub street.

In Siem Reap, Pub Street is one of the best nightlife centres in entire Cambodia. Pub Street is known as Street 08, and it is just a 5-minute drive from Angkor National Museum. Anyone who wants to have some fun time then they must visit the Pub Street.

Try these crazy exciting things, and surely your trip to Cambodia can be one worth remembering.

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