5 Common Problems with Your Camper and how to Solve Them

Having a camper van allows us so much freedom, the possibility of just getting up and going wherever and whenever is amazing, That is until it is not amazing! Unlike our cars, even regular camper users do not use their vehicles on a daily basis. Unfortunately, that means sometimes we don’t see problems until they have been sitting for a while; this can be due to sporadic use, especially when vehicles sit unused over the winter. We could always hire a camper, but it feels better to have your own.

It Won’t Start

A vehicle that won’t start is possibly the most common issue. Sadly, there can be hundreds of different reasons for this. The positive news is that there are a few common causes we can check for before taking the van to a mechanic for a full diagnostic. A flat battery is odds-on to be a top candidate for the cause, especially when it’s not been started in a while. You can either try to jump start it, or if it’s too flat you may need to remove the battery and trickle charge it over a period of hours. You should also check if the car is in neutral, or the key is fully turned? Many modern vehicles have immobilisers that prevent starting in gear for safety reasons.

Rust or Corrosion

Every vehicle will eventually suffer from rust or corrosion. Don’t fret though it’s not as difficult to deal with and treat this issue. It basically involves sanding or using a metal brush to take the top layers of the rust off and then using a primer to fill in the space. Once the primer has properly dried we can then touch up the area with vehicle paint.

Insect Infestation

Again, this is a common issue when we forget to clear out the van properly after use. If there is a neglected food item and then the van is left for a period, we are likely to find little friends visiting when we next visit. It’s usually something like Flies, which can normally be sorted using sprays, fly paper or a bug light. If it’s a more serious issue, it would be wise to call in an exterminator to ensure the problem is fully dealt with.

Portable Toilet Problems

The horrible one. No-one ever wants to deal with portable toilet problems, but owning an RV means that eventually this is one you will have to deal with. Two issues are usually what we face; either it is clogged, or it is leaking. Basically, the two opposites. A clogged toilet almost always means a blockage of some kind. First check if the unit needs emptying? A simple oversight, but we’ve all done it. If this is not successful, then try unblocking it, either physically with a toilet wand or plunger, or chemically with a drain block solution. If the toilet is leaking, we need to find out where the leak is originating? Is it a crack, or perhaps a broken seal? You’ll either need to fill the crack or leak, replace the seal, or buy a new toilet unit.

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