3 Rules That Women Over 40 Should Break

There are so many societal expectations and “rules” for women over 40 that are outdated, unnecessary, and above all else, offensive. Society seems to believe that hitting 40 means that a woman’s life is over and it’s time to settle down and wait for retirement.

What gives?

We don’t believe in following those expectations. 40 is just a number, not a cage. Keep reading for a list of common “rules” for women over 40 and why we think that you don’t have to follow them.

1. Slow Down Your Sex Life

Many people think that women over 40 are no longer sexual beings. You turn 40 and ditch the lingerie and your sexual desires at the door. Well, you know that this isn’t true for most people, and no one expects it of male 40 somethings, so ignore it.

This will mean different things for different people. For single women, this means that you don’t have to stop dating around if you don’t want to. Not everyone is into “hooking up,” but your age shouldn’t be a factor.

For women in relationships, this may mean that you don’t have to stop experimenting. You should be able to express your desires and “not fake it” if they don’t work out.

If you’re in a polyamorous relationship, you don’t have to stop and “grow up” when you get older.

2. Dress Conservatively

Have you ever visited parts of the mall that are geared towards you and found clothes that don’t at all represent your personal style?

The clothes are neutral, conservative, and downright boring. They focus on comfort or covering up rather than fashion. Some people bash women in media who don’t “dress their age.”

What does dressing your age mean, anyway? Why does life after 40 have to be so beige and boring?

No, you need to let your style shine. Dye your hair fun colors, wear the bold makeup that you’ve always liked, and let your clothing represent you. If this means wearing heels and short dresses, go for it. If it means boho-style flowing clothes, that’s great!

Regardless, don’t give in to the idea that it’s time to cover up and neutralize your style.

3. Stop Chasing Your Dreams

Let’s face it: society thinks that women over 40 are homemakers. They should either tend to the house or be settled into a job that they’re ready to stay in forever.

For some women, this works. They like the stability of a consistent career or the idea of staying home to tend to the house. There’s nothing wrong with that!

For other women, though, they’re not ready to stop chasing their goals. They want to become novelists, artists, performers, and more. They may want to go back to school.

You shouldn’t quit your day job, but know that many people don’t find their “place” until they’re over 40. Even some of your favorite celebrities were beyond that point when they got famous.

Women Over 40 Can Make Their Own Rules

Being a woman over 40 might feel isolating when you notice all of these restrictions that the world wants to put on you. Don’t fall for them. Women over 40 can live by their own rules, not the ones that society imposes.

Wear your short skirts, keep your love life fresh, and keep working towards your passions and goals. 40 is the new 30.

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