100 Ladies Slot

100 Ladies Slot is a fairly popular slot game that you can find in a wide range of online casinos, powered by IGT software and development experience. But what makes it different from other games, and why would you want to try 100 Ladies Slot over other online slots?

What is 100 Ladies?

The 100 Ladies slot game is a standard five-reel bug-themed slot game that aims at simple gameplay and great wins, a good combination for any player. It’s straightforward, but also tries to offer a great experience compared to most games, with various bonus features to help make things more interesting.

The overall design is similar to most 5-reel online slots game options you might have played, which can make it a familiar game for returning players, but it also stands out thanks to the unique design elements that IGT has created for it.


Graphically, 100 Ladies aims for a cartoon style that’s similar to some mobile slots. IGT Games have put a lot of effort into the graphics quality, with each of the bonus symbols being clear and the general art style working well for a slot game. A lot of color usage helps, too.

The background manages to stay vivid without taking away from the board, meaning that it won’t distract you from sudden lucky wins or bonus activation.

100 Ladies slot symbols are easy to tell apart. You have the standard card symbols (9, 10, J, Q, K, A) as well as the special higher-paying symbols: a sunflower, a four-leaf clover, a male ladybug, and a female ladybug. Visually, they’re so different that you can easily tell when you’ve won a spin.


The 100 Ladies slot game follows a standard slot game setup, so it should be familiar to anybody that’s played similar slots before. You can choose between a list of different line amounts, from 1 to 100, and then adjust the per-line bet from a maximum of one coin to 30 coins.

The minimum bet per game is exactly 1 coin on a single reel, and the maximum can be as high as 3,000 coins. Your winnings are based on how much you bet, although maximum bonus money can vary based on the bonus amount you get and how many winning combinations you land.

Remember that your min deposit/bet amount is based on how many lines you’re betting on. More lines mean a higher min deposit, but also a higher max bet.

You also have the option to look at the paytable alongside your real-money balance, making it easier to gamble responsibly and know when you might get a bonus, valid active line, or other unexpected wins. You can see your previous spin, check detailed rules with the Game Rules button, and look at your current deposit balance without needing to look away from the game.

Bonus Features

The 100 Ladies shot machine has a variety of simple bonuses, not counting online casino bonuses that come from certain sites. There isn’t a separate bonus game or over-complex bonus feature, just a better version of the usual bonus round features and free spins you would expect.

Max bonus wins and max bet limits are generally linked, but be sure to gamble responsibly.


The Wild symbols are represented by ladybugs on a leaf. They substitute for all other themed symbols except the bonus symbol, giving you wins where you otherwise wouldn’t have gotten them. The Wild Ladybug symbols can appear anywhere on the reels at any time, even at the minimum deposit and bet amount.

These aren’t bonus funds, so they’re treated as a normal win. This means that they aren’t usually part of the same bonus funds rules as free spins, depending on the site you’re playing at. Look for the Wild symbol while playing, since it’s a natural casino bonus that can lead to unexpected wins.

Stacked Wilds

Stacked Wild symbols can appear at any time and puts several Wilds on top of each other. This massively increases the chance. They act like Wilds, but cover more of the game screen.

This can also apply while you’re raking in free spins winnings – the bonuses aren’t exclusive.

Free Spins / Bonus Free Spins Feature

If you land three of the bonus symbols (the scatters) on the reels, then you’ll activate the free spins feature and turn the game into ‘play free’ slots for a limited time.

This grants you 10 free spins and a 2x multiplier the moment you land the bonus symbol combination, but you can re-trigger your free spins bonus to earn more up to a maximum of 255.

When free spins expire, the bonus spins mode ends, but it isn’t hard to re-trigger free spins. Valid combinations of the bonus symbol can instantly grant you extra free spins at any time.

This can be a fairly lucrative feature, since you’ll find the extra spins bonus excluded from how much you bet: you can use them on all reels to increase the chance of a max cash payout.

Each free spin can add bonus spins, and takes over from using real money until they’re used up.

Your free spins winnings may have additional rules compared to real-money wins, since they’re free games, so be sure you understand how your chosen online casino handles free casino games.

Should I Play 100 Ladies Slot at Online Casinos?

The 100 Ladies online slot game is very entertaining. Like most IGT slots, you can play 100 Ladies well at any deposit amount, and there’s no need to rely on a welcome package or first deposit bonus to enjoy it. It works on mobile devices and can be found at many of your favourite casinos.

With or without a welcome bonus, there’s a lot to like about the 100 Ladies online slot game. It’s easy to gamble responsibly and the max bonus winnings are high if you go all in, but you can stick to a min deposit and wagering contribution amount and still have fun.

The 100 Ladies slot machine demo version is a good place to start. Just be careful when ‘training’ with the 100 Ladies slot machine demo: incorrect game info could be spread about max bet and bonus amounts. If you’re still not sure, find out more about 100 Ladies slots here.

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