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16 thoughts on “Zany Park Signs”

  1. I can’t see the captions but…
    #4 seems to be about drinking/littering in the park
    #5 seems to be about graffiti

  2. I think 4 is ‘Don’t drink’, cos apparently it makes you pick flowers, and 5 is don’t damage the water fountain or…. boards.

    They certainly worked hard on these!

  3. Use “Cool Dude” deodorant like the fellow in the picture – lesser products can cause people to spontaneously combust, for example, note the cheap roll on used by this shocked woman and dime store odour eaters worn by the unfortunate child photographed here. Don’t suffer with explosive doubts in future – use “Cool Dude”

  4. and wear little bells on your clothing and carry pepper spray. Also know the difference between brown bear droppings which have twigs and berries vs black bear droppings which have little bells and smell like black pepper.

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