Wonderful Ways to Make your Baby’s First Birthday Truly Special

Can you believe that the tiny bundle you brought home from the hospital is almost a year old already? One minute you cradle them safely in your arms and the next, you’re following them around the room as they crawl, bum-shuffle and even toddle from one activity to the next.

A first birthday is certainly an event that’s worth celebrating, with happy smiles, fun decorations, party games, families gathering together and plenty of meaningful gifts – to shop for cool toys for kids by age, click the link – it’s a rite of passage for every child. Unfortunately, most of us remember very little about our first ever slice of birthday cake, which makes some parents question whether or not they should go to the trouble of putting together a celebration.

However, there are plenty of ways you can make the event memorable and share these moments with your little one as they grow! Let’s explore some wonderful ways to make your baby’s first birthday truly special.

A Cake Smash

A popular trend you may have seen on social media, Smash Cakes are quickly becoming a traditional part of 1st birthday celebrations. The premise is simple, you create or purchase a colourful cake and photograph your little one smashing it and eating it to their heart’s content. For some little ones, this may be their first ever taste of sugar and confectionery, so it makes for some pretty memorable facial expressions you can catch on camera! If you’re not much of a baker, don’t worry – you could simply purchase a cake from your local supermarket or support a local cake baker and have one commissioned for you.

Create some video messages

We all know how precious family is. And as your little one grows, they may only have limited memories and time with family members who pass away before they’re grown. Creating video messages for your little one’s 1st birthday celebrations means creating memories for today and for the future. Being able to look back at the face and smile of a relative as they held them as a baby is a wonderful memory and gift they can treasure forever. Ensure everyone has a chat to the camera and says something special for your little one.

Have a professional photo shoot

Whether you do this on the day, you hire a professional photographer for the celebrations, or you head to a studio and enjoy a photoshoot, capturing your baby’s first birthday with some professional shots will make the day extra special. Having your baby wear a costume like your Marvel or DC superheroes or favorite Disney princess that you can get from Toynk will make that first birthday photoshoot more memorable. If you’re planning a cake smash, then a professional photographer could capture the moment perfectly.

Create a living memory

Living memories can grow with your child, making them an extra special way to celebrate their life today and for years to come. Consider planting a tree in your garden, a flowerbed or even growing some rose bushes for them.

Final thoughts…

However you want to celebrate your child’s 1st birthday, consider keeping it simple so you can enjoy the celebrations too.

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