Women’s Motocross Gear – Know These 6 Tips to Shop the Best

Ever since the increasing popularity of motocross, its thrill and adventure have globally pulled in every person who is an adrenaline lover. Women, too, are making the most of what motocross has to offer by taking on the rough terrains with their bikes.

While the markets are oversaturated with products for men, finding the right women’s motocross gear is still not as easy since the supply is not comparatively huge. So we are here to help you out in narrowing down your search.

Here is everything to know about women’s motocross gear.

What’s included in the motocross gear for women? 

Women’s motocross gear includes everything to guard them against external elements while they take on an adventure. Becoming a skilful rider demands a lot of practice, this road to mastery involves risk-taking, multiple falls, scratches and bruises. This is where body protection gear saves you from injuring yourself seriously.

Similarly, women’s dirt biking boots enable you to enhance your protection and comfort while riding. Other essential motocross gear for women includes helmets, gloves, jackets, and suits.

What to Consider while Buying Women’s Dirt Bike Riding Gear? 

Choose the Right Size

The gear you buy must fit you perfectly. It shouldn’t be too tight or too loose. While checking the size of the gear, ensure that it doesn’t impede the built-in ventilation. Everything should stay in place while you ride down the road.

Look for the items that support layers, adjustable waists, and zip-in linings. Such features will help you get through all kinds of seasons. They also add extra safety while riding on rough terrain.

Check the Closures 

Some of the common fasteners that you may find in motocross gear include snaps, Velcro, zippers, and laces. The choice of closure depends on the accessory you want to buy. For instance, when you look for motocross boots, avoid buying laces. Similarly, when you buy gear for the neck, do not choose one with Velcro.

For wrist and necks, choose any adjustable closure available. It will keep you comfortable throughout the journey.

Buy a Water-Resistant Gear 

Do not overlook this feature when you buy gear for motocross. Having water resistance biking gear will always make your ride convenient. You may get waterproof gear or buy separate rain gear.

If you want to buy removable waterproof linings, you should know that the exterior fabrics still soak, and you may get wet. It will make you extremely uncomfortable. Also, they are heavy to carry.

Don’t Forget the Armour 

An armour constitutes an additional protective layer within the protective gear. We advise you to look for high-quality impact protection body armour for extra safety.

For pants, the areas like hips and knees should have armour, whereas your jacket should have armour at the elbows, back, and shoulder. Buy a gear that comes with removable armour to make cleaning easy.

Cross-Check the Construction 

You must cross-check the construction of the motocross gear to determine its durability. Check the seams of the products before buying them. The best gear comes with a smooth finish with a double or triple stitched seam.

To buy the best boots, select ones that come with toe protection, steel shank, shifter pad, and ankle protection. Make sure that the soles are stitched on and resistant to oil.

Buy a Ventilated Gear 

Last but not least, buy well-ventilated gear. When you pick a jacket, look for the zippered openings on the chest or back as these will boost the airflow during hot days and keep you comfortable.

If comfort is your priority, check for underarm vents in the gear.


The above-listed buying guide will help you choose the best women’s motocross gear. Start your shopping now.

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