Why Your Home Should Have A Wine Glass Hanger

A wine glass hanger might be something that you think is commonly found in a lot of homes; however, the news is that not all homes have them. Whenever a homeowner thinks of doing a renovation or adding up features to their home, adding a wine glass hanger doesn’t usually top the list. Why? Not many have realized the benefits of having one. If you are one of them, read along and find out why your home should have a wine glass hanger.

1. Wine glass hangers add style to your kitchen.

Instead of the usual way of simply storing your wine glasses and flutes in glass cabinets, or even hidden away in solid and enclosed cabinets, you might want to try out a wine glass hanger instead. This type of hanger is a stylish way to store your glasses. Because of the elegance that hanging glasses bring, much like how they mimic the elegance that glass chandeliers have on a room, your kitchen will instantly have an increased style value.

2. Wine glass hangers offer easy access to your flutes.

If you are entertaining guests over dinner and serve wine as well, wouldn’t it just be convenient if you can immediately pull a wine glass from a hanger rather than having to get one from a cabinet?. It takes lesser time and effort to hang these glasses instead of keeping them inside cabinets. Any added feature to your house that offers convenience will always be worth the extra cost you spend.

  1. 3. Wine glass hangers keep your glasses safe and secure.

Wine glass hangers are very secure. You hang your glasses upside down, such that the racks hold the bottom holder of your glasses securely. This mechanism offers a very secure and safe manner of storing your glasses. If you are the type to keep expensive glasses in your house, you are better off storing them in these hangers rather than in a cabinet. Wine and champagne glasses are often made of fragile material and are very delicate, and putting them inside a cabinet increases the risk of glass breaking, as even the slightest movement of the cabinet door can shake these glasses.

4. Wine glass hangers are space savers.

If you are living in a small home, kitchen storage solutions are always better if you work your way upward. When you go upward, you maximize the extra space that you have on the top, which, if not utilized, would end up unused. Wine glass hangers are often attached on the bottom part of top kitchen cabinets, which is an area that is commonly left bare. With this solution, you can save space more efficiently instead of storing your glasses on a cabinet. You can forego that cabinet, or use it to store other kitchen items, to maximize your space.

5. Wine glass hangers preserve the quality of your glasses as well.

There are many wine glasses, of course, that belong to the cheaper range of options. If you have only started becoming a wine enthusiast, or if your budget is limited, then you can go for these glasses. However, the more you drink wine and the higher your financial capacity is, the more you can afford to purchase more expensive wine glasses that also have better quality.

For aged wines, the taste of the wine can often differ depending on the thickness and the quality of the glass. Hence, this factor does matter. It is essential therefore that, expensive or not, you preserve the quality of your glasses. One excellent way in which wine glass hangers can do the same is that they prevent water from building up and staying in the glasses, which can damage them.

Keep in mind that after washing your wine glasses, the best way for you to store them is upside down. If you can, refrain from storing them upright on cabinets. When you store your glasses upright, water and residue cannot thoroughly dry up, and this can destroy your delicate glasses. However, if you store them upside down, you are giving room for the water to continue to drip, hence freeing the glass from water residue.


Having a wine glass hanger shouldn’t only be limited to homeowners who drink wine, or those who love wine in general. Whatever the design or the style, a wine glass hanger is undoubtedly one of the features that you should consider adding to your home today. Everything should always have a home in your house, and now, your wine glasses will finally have one as well.

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