Why Thailand is One of the Top Tourist Destinations in the World?


Once your airline tickets are purchased, additional expenses will be minimal. Thailand is one of the most affordable tourist destinations in Asia. The country has a host of motels, resorts, and guesthouses, offering affordable accommodations to all international tourists. In addition to the cost-efficient motel accommodations, restaurants and other food vendors have affordable menus. Choose from mouth-watering Tom Yum Goong “spicy shrimp soup,” Gaeng Keow Wan Gai “green chicken curry,” Khao Phat “fried rice,” and Som Tam “green papaya salad.” These recipes are made fresh to please your taste buds, without breaking the bank.

Beautiful Weather (December Through May)

Experts recommend visiting Thailand between December and May, or when the weather is almost always favorable for outdoor activities. During this time frame, the weather is warm, not too hot, and the rain is minimal. The country reports temperatures at least 90 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer season. Unless you like extremely hot, muggy weather, avoid visiting Thailand in the summer.

Thailand also has what locals call a “rainy season,” which begins in May and runs through October. The rainy season mostly pertains to Southern Thailand’s east coast. There is no doubt, this part of the country has a lot to offer international tourists. But, unless you are willing to endure a rainy vacation, avoid the rainy season.

Complete Your Itinerary In Advance

To ensure you get the most out of your vacation, experts highly recommend a Thailand itinerary. This very important travel document will guide you through your vacation, ensuring you do not miss out on what Thailand has to offer.

Sandy Not-So-Crowded Beaches

It is not unusual for international tourists to be drawn to Thailand’s beaches. The country has more than 2,000 miles of vast coastline. And, another 8,000 miles of tropical islands. If you are accustomed to overcrowded beaches, you will be pleasantly surprised to discover Thailand’s beaches are remote. Unless your plans are to visit a resort on one of the more popular islands, you will find your pick remote.

Thailand beach resorts offer ample outdoor activities. Spend a day snorkeling and another scuba diving just off the coastline. Even if you are looking for peace, quiet, and a bit of sun, you will find it at one of Thailand’s beaches.

Shopping Galore

A Thailand vacation would not be complete without a shopping trip. Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, has some of the most extraordinary malls in the world. The Siam Paragon, Icon Siam, Terminal 21, and NARA Place are just to name a few.

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