Why Instagram and Facebook is Good for Promoting your Content Promotion

According to a recent study conducted by Moz, out of 1 million articles, half of them had up to 3 shares and 25% had some backlinks.  Approximately, 85 percent of these articles had 1000 words and 50 percent of most shared posts had not the external links. Does it make any sense?

Don’t you just hate it when popular blogs get a lot of attention while your posts fail to get noticed?

Want to know a secret?

Those blogs are not beating you at content creation. They are beating you at content promotion. A big majority of blogs goes unnoticed and it’s not because their content is not good enough. It’s because these bloggers or businesses make little to no effort to promote their content. Here’s the thing:

You can keep creating killer content but it’s the promotion that lands the killer blow. It’s a secret all successful content marketers know but don’t want to pass along. You must spend equal time and resources on marketing as you do on content creation.

Below you will find the best places that you can use to promote your blogs.

You may already know about them but aren’t using to their full potential.

Why Facebook & Instagram are good for content promotion.

There’s no better place to promote your content than Social Media. Did you know that Facebook sends more traffic to news and media websites than Google? Social Media has grown beyond anyone’s expectation. Instagram is a great promoting tool for the marketers and business followed by Facebook.


Start from the biggest one of all. Facebook gets more than a billion users on a daily basis. You are not going to get this kind of reach on any other platform. Just remember they are not coming to read about your business or products. Try to educate, entertain, or help them through your content and it’s a win-win situation. I’ll suggest spending a small amount on Facebook Ads to get your first few likes.

Facebook allows you to target people from a certain location, age group, or job title. It means you can engage a potential customer at less than $1 dollar. However, don’t give up on Facebook if you have no budget for paid ads. It will take some time but you will get the fans, given that you are posting good content on a regular basis. Also, consider using Instant Articles which is a new, responsive way of sharing your articles with Facebook Users.


Instagram is a visual platform but it is a great social media network for businesses and bloggers. Businesses have had great success when they use it the right way. What’s the right way? Try an Instagram SMM Panel.

A post with a selfie, a couple of mentions, and a lot of hashtags don’t look good. Avoid having too much blue in your posts.

While posting an image to your post, use high-quality images to stand out of the clutter and use interactive content like Questions or Polls. Try live videos, IGTV videos, and leverage Instagram stories. With this keep in mind, in order to promote yourself on Instagram, all you need to have a good amount of followers. You can buy Instagram followers or increase them organically. Alternatively, you can run Instagram ads but it is not cost effective.

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