Why Everyone Needs to Visit China At Least Once

China is a wonderful country, one that deserves a visit at least once in a lifetime. Very few countries will boast of the wide variety of experiences you find in the Middle Kingdom. Whether you are an adventurer, a historian or you are traveling to China to do business; you will find it entirely different from any other country you have ever visited in the world.

This is not just mere hearsay, but it is an incredible place, with lots of attractions, cultures, and experiences that will never be explained, unless you take your China travel visa and head over to the country to discover for yourself. Here are some of our reasons why we believe that everyone should make a trip to China at least one in their lifetimes-:

Breathtaking Landscapes

China happens to be one of the largest countries in the world, and as such, its landscapes are incredibly diverse. It is the country where you are bound to find any scenery you have ever imagined. From the deserts in the northwest to the seashores in the southeast, the lush tropics of Xishuangbanna to the freezing beauty of Harbin, from the fertile plains to the magnificent mountain ranges, the country is dotted with all manner of beautiful landscapes. While still at the landscapes, you must never miss visiting Hainan which is a real tropical paradise of the Orient. If you like, you can call it as Eastern Hawaii, and it is such a beautiful place to visit.

Chinese are wonderful people

You will agree with me that however beautiful a place may be, if its people are not equally “beautiful,” then there will be nothing attractive in visiting that place. But when you come to China, you will find some of the most amazing people in the world, and this could be a reason enough to get a China travel visa and visit the place to experience the warmth of the Chinese.

There are so many people in the country, and they love visitors so much. Every place you go, they will want to stop so that they can just have a few minutes chatting with you. They also love taking photos with visitors, and they will be more than willing to share with you stories about their culture and rich diversity. It is not so many countries in the world that you will find warm, gentle and receptive people ready to interact with you on your first meeting.

The Chinese Culture is the richest in the world

If you want to experience a heaven of culture, then you have every reason to get you’re a China travel visa and plan a visit to the Orient as soon as possible. You will be surprised to know that the Chinese culture is the richest in the world and has been influencing lots of cultures not just in the neighboring countries, but also in other countries located thousands of miles away. Some of the highlights of their rich culture and which you ought to experience in include-:

• The language – the Chinese language supersedes any other language in the world regarding complexity and originality. The language influence is heavily present in countries like Vietnam, Korea, and Japan.

•  Their taichi and kungfu supersedes Thai boxing and karate

• They have more than 550 ethnic minorities

• They celebrate an endless number of festivals throughout the year. These are fantastic avenues to experience the core of the Chinese cultures, with certain practices that date back to centuries ago

• The country has a history of over 4,000 years, implying that their culture is equally as rich.

Chinese Food is incredible

If you love traveling for food, then here is another reason why you need to visit China. Chinese food is just incredible. Whether you are looking for amazing street foods or you desire to have the perfect fine dining experience in the world, you will be very pleased with what China has in store for you. This is the country with the best noodles and rice in the world.

Their culinary skills in food handling and preparations are also worth mentioning, with some of their methodologies dating back to thousands of years ago. And one thing you will like about the Chinese food is that it is very diverse across the entire country. For instance, if you go to the North, you will find a cradle of noodles while if you move to the south, you will find some of the best rice dishes in the world. They also have quality and delicious seafood you will find to be highly enriching.

Rich History

Very few places in the world have the kind of vast history you will find in China. The Terracotta Warrior and the Great Walls are some of the well-known attractions in the country. Then there is also the Temple of Heaven and the Forbidden City which you must never miss when you are in Beijing. In addition to soaking into the Chinese history, you will also find impressive architectural feats in China, and you only have to look at the Great Wall of China to see how advanced and rich China was from many years ago.

Modern Wonders

In China, you will find some of the most modern cities in the world. There is a perfect display of skills and technological advancement with will blow up your mind. From the buildings to the trains, parks, and infrastructure, you will be more than delighted to have visited China. To get a feel for the country’s advancement in technology and infrastructure, a visit to Shanghai, which happens to be the epitome of modern-day China, is highly recommended.

Amazing markets and wonderful products

No travel experience will ever be complete without sampling the markets and products in your destination. With regards to China, this alone is a reason enough to get your China travel visa just to go and experience how amazing the Chinese markets and products are. This is the place to find exquisite tea sets, fine silks, expensive aged tea, elaborately curved jade, distinct handcrafted arts and much more. China is a shopper’s paradise, and you can shop till you drop dead.

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