Why Dumpster Rental Is Good For The Environment

Hiring a dumpster from a dumpster rental service like Eagle Dumpster Rental that offer Finleyville dumpsters may seem like a great option, but you might be wondering whether or not the service is an environmentally conscious option; could dumpster rentals actually be an environmental disaster? Well, you’ll be pleased to know that dumpster rental is actually one of the most environmentally friendly options available for disposing of a large amount of trash. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why dumpster rental is good for the environment, and why you should seriously consider this as an eco friendly option for waste disposal. Read on below to find out everything you need to know about why dumpster rental is good for the environment!

Safe Waste Management

Trying to deal with large amounts of waste on your own can be time consuming, and comes with a range of problems and hazards that can cause all sorts of issues in your local area and wider environments. Piling up trash at home without professional grade waste management creates an ideal breeding ground for pests, encouraging the spread of airborne disease and vermin. Waste disposal companies and dumpster rental services are equipped with professional grade sealed containers to store and protect your garbage, keeping it safe from vermin and pests to reduce their spread.

Another thing that dumpster rental can help with is reducing the impact of waste burning. Burning garbage is a common method often used to dispose of large amounts of trash, but this is very bad for the environment; it releases toxic fumes into the air and pollutes the environment, and is a very large source of pollution. Dumpster rental companies will take that trash away and dispose of it safely, meaning that you do not have to burn it, keeping the air clear and fresh.


Dumpster rental companies offer an easy way to reduce the amount of your trash that goes to landfill, and reduce the risk of your carefully sorted recycling being contaminate. Waste segregation is a major part of why dumpster rental is environmentally friendly; the company will not only remove the garbage you leave in the dumpster, but also sort it into different materials so it can be disposed of in appropriate ways. Many companies will send you different dumpsters for different materials, so if you need to get rid of a large amount of wood, for example, that can all go into a dedicated container. They will also sort out your trash and recycle as much of it as possible, reducing the amount of landfill usage required from any load of trash by reusing or recycling as many materials as possible.

Protecting Waterways

Hazardous liquids such as cleaning products and other chemicals can be difficult to dispose of, and it can be tempting to simply pour them down the drain. This can lead to the chemicals leaking out and spreading into the ground, eventually contaminating local waterways with hazardous chemicals. Dedicated waste management can help get rid of these chemicals safely and responsibly.


Dumpster rental is a safe and environmentally conscious option for disposing of large amounts of trash. Companies such as Eagle Dumpster Rental are dedicated to making their actions as environmentally friendly as possible!

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