Why Calgary Might Just Be the Best Canadian City to Visit as a Traveller

Of all of the incredible cities to visit across the breadth of Canada, Calgary is commonly cited as one of the most diverse and exciting. While the likes of Toronto, Quebec, and Vancouver usually sit high up on a traveler’s bucket list, it’s Calgary, nestled in the southern regions of the province of Alberta, which should be the big-ticket destination.

Calgary has undergone massive growth over the years, raising an incredible skyline. The city boasts a tremendous array of cultures from all over the world, leading to Calgary having a strong arts community and an exciting selection of restaurants according to the immigrant education site of Canada. That said, Calgary still embraces its western culture, with events like the Calgary Stampede holding the cultures of old close while the city continues to progress.

Due to the expansive nature of Calgary, it is a very welcoming city to travelers. While it is close to many tourist hotspots, becoming entrenched in the Calgary community and enjoying the same activities as the locals will enhance your visit ten-fold. So, let’s dig into some of the must-do activities of a visitor to Calgary.

Indulge in Canada’s favorite sport

You probably already know this, but Canada goes crazy for hockey. If you’re making your way to Calgary soon, you simply must get tickets to a Flames game at the Scotiabank Saddledome. Prime tickets would be when the Flames faceoff against a Pacific Division rival in the NHL, but the very best games are those against their Alberta-rivals, the Edmonton Oilers. There’s nothing quite like hearing the roar of 19,000 Flames fans cheering every duel, hit, shot, and goal in the enclosed arena.

The team has been in Calgary since 1980, playing at the Scotiabank Saddledome, originally the Olympic Saddledome, since 1983, but soon they might be on the move. Victoria Park is set to commence construction in 2021 writes this news outlet, and could be the Flames’ home come 2024, so if you want to experience the classic hockey venue, you’ll want to plan your visit to take place in the next few years.

When in Calgary, enjoy the entertainment

Everyone knows that Canada boasts many, many entertainment venues that feature extensive casino gaming floors. In the Calgary area alone, there are six. Some offer resort-style entertainment and residence while others are whole casino offerings. Calgary is big on casino gaming, which is why there are more than just the six land-based venues on offer to those in the city.

Residents and travelers alike can find a huge range of different platforms offering games at the tap of a screen or the click of a mouse writes this finder website, meaning that you can enjoy one of Calgary’s favorite past times from your accommodation or in-person at one of the many brick-and-mortar casinos in the city.

Embrace the love of nature

Canada is home to many wonderful natural sights for tourists to visit. Calgary is a mere couple of hours from the likes of Lake Louise, Banff, and the incredible dinosaur fossil collections of Drumheller. One aspect of Canadian culture, which continues to ring through Calgary, is a love of animals.

Calgary Zoo is a fine example of an exemplary wildlife reserve which priorities conservation and animal care about all else, but it’s Discovery Wildlife Park where the locals get to show what it really means to care for animals. As shown on the website, the park provides homes and care for orphans, illegally kept exotic pets, unwanted pets, and others that cannot be released back into the wild. It’s an hour or so north of Calgary but is worthy of your time and money.

When planning your trip to Calgary, make sure that Flames hockey, some gaming, and a visit to the wildlife sanctuaries make it onto your itinerary while you enjoy the incredibly diverse and welcoming city.

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