Why are Serviced Apartments Increasingly being Preferred Post-Covid?

Our perspective of travel has changed after Coronavirus took over the world. How we used to plan our travels, places of stay, and things to visit before the outbreak of Covid-19 is very different from what we observe in the Post-Covid era. Earlier, we pre-booked hotel rooms when we decided to go to a distant place for a month-long vacation. Post-Covid, we are seeing the other side of the coin trending, where we are choosing serviced apartments as the preferred accommodation. Here’s why:

      • Budget – You can book a serviced apartment at the same price as that of a hotel. If you are looking to stay away for a longer period, say six months and not a week, the cost you will have to bear will be lesser if you stay at a serviced apartment than if you stay at a hotel. The reason being, hotels will charge you the same room rate per night; however, in the serviced apartment, the longer you stay, the lesser are your VAT taxes.
      • Another way that serviced apartments will be on your budget is by saving you on the transportation costs since they are positioned in the heart of the city from which most of your go-to places like bars and restaurants are easily accessible.
      • Comfort –You have the entire apartment for yourself at the price you will get your hotel room for. While it may not be possible for a hotel to offer ample rooms for families, you can stay in a serviced apartment alone or with family and friends. There are multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, with the rooms being larger and more spacious.

    People outside your circle do not invade the rooms, and it is just you, your family, and your friends. Thus, you have freedom, flexibility, and privacy in this kind of arrangement.

    • Amenities – Amenities are one aspect in which hostels and hotels are trailing behind the apartments. The apartments are generally well-furnished. So, when we say you are at your “home away from home” in your serviced apartment, we mean you have access to your own kitchen space and cookware where you can cook your food. There are washing machines and dishwashers, flat-screen TVs, sofas, and wi-fi in your apartment. Therefore, you not only get to eat healthy home-cooked meals but there are arrangements to entertain yourself in your own space.

An added advantage to this is, you get to save up on restaurant food and laundry. You even have a space to park your vehicle if you are traveling with one. Some apartments provide you access to office equipment like printers. Some apartments in Chicago, IL, provide luxurious amenities like fitness centers, business centers, community centers, cafes`, BBQ, and swimming pools.

    • Hygiene – A hostel is co-habited by multiple people. On the other hand, you or your family may be the only people staying in an apartment. Many a time, you may be having the whole building to yourself. Hence, in respect of hygiene, undoubtedly, short-term rental apartments are much cleaner and more hygienic. The owners provide you with fresh towels and linens on your arrival, and these are replaced with new ones multiple times a week. At many rental apartments, you can enjoy weekly maintenance services.


Note, just because you are the only person in the apartment, you don’t have to worry about safety. The accommodations are safe and gated, with a lot of them having CCTV cameras. Hence, if you are looking at visiting a new place and don’t want to miss out on the comfort of home, a serviced apartment is what you should opt for.

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