Why are companies choosing digital ID cards over physical ID cards?

Employee ID cards have become an essential part of the business. They give the company a professional outlook and make the employees feel like they are a part of the organization. It helps the company ensure that no-one who is not a part of the organization will enter the building or get access to their portals/data.

However, the question is, why are companies choosing digital id cards rather than physical id cards.

Here are a few features of the digital id card, which are also the reason behind the choice:

●      Administrators can issue temporary cards.

The company can quickly issue ID cards to seasonal workers, contractors, interns, and guests without spending any money. Also, when they leave the organization, the ID cards will be revoked via the ID management system. This power helps the administrator ensure that no one who is not a part of the organization will enter the building.

●       Add an animated logo.

To ensure that the ID card is active and not a screenshot. The company can place its hologram on the card, which will rotate when the card is active. Also, the hologram can easily be personalized using the ID management system. A personalized hologram will help ensure that nobody can make fake id online.

●       The card is customizable.

The administrator can easily change the card as per their requirements. With this, the administrators can design a different card for each department without spending a penny extra on developing cards.

●       The company can email the cards.

The business administrator can quickly email the card to their employees/guests. The emailed card can then be download on the receiver’s mobile. This will remove the expense of shipping cards.

●       Security questions

The administrator can add security questions the answers to which only be known by the real ids. Before being able to download or access the card, the receiving person will have to answer them correctly. This feature will ensure that the ID card is not accessed by someone else.

●       The administrator will get alerts if the card details are altered.

The administrator will receive alerts whenever the ID card is activated, the photo on the ID is changed or downloaded again.  The administrator can confirm that the real employee is making the changes by contacting them.

●        A unique Auto-generated barcode for every employee

The administrators can easily select the barcode type they want, and each user will get a unique barcode. They can even give each department a different barcode. This can also help them simplify their data system.

●       The management can deactivate the cards.

If the employee leaves the organization, then the administrator can easily deactivate the card. The deactivation of the card means that the hologram animation will stop rotating, and data from the barcode will be removed. If they want to reactivate the card, then they can easily renew the card.

Also, with these digital ids, businesses can save a lot of money. Digital id means that there are no printing costs and card material costs. This is an excellent alternative to physical ID cards, albeit a little less secure than physical ID cards.

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