What You Need to Know About Playing Digital Poker

In different societies globally, remote work has become widely accepted. This has led to increased digital nomads, especially following the COVID-19 pandemic. For instance, between 2018 and 2021, the number of digital nomads more than doubled in the United States.

Digital nomads represent people who live in a nomadic way and utilize technology while working remotely. This way of life provides flexible working hours and the opportunity to travel to new places. This is maybe why an increasing number of individuals choose to live a nomadic lifestyle.

In recent times, one way digital nomads enjoy spending their time is by playing casino games. These individuals travel all around the world and engage in their favorite games. One such game typical, especially to U.S digital nomads, is poker.

Currently, online poker is only legalized in six U.S states. As such, digital nomads can engage in online poker sites in NJ, Michigan, and Delaware. Other states that allow online poker include West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Nevada.

Digital Poker Nomads

The digital nomad lifestyle is location-independent. As a result, it offers enough time to navigate through different destinations. Nomads can also engage in various activities they find appealing. Another layer of this lifestyle involves creating a steady work/life balance. Hence, the ideal scenario is making a significant income from hobbies.

Currently, there is a switch in how poker, alongside other social games, is perceived. This makes it a viable career choice and a sustainable one at that. In line with this, engaging in poker as a digital nomad creates opportunities to make a significant income.

Additionally, online poker sites offer everything an actual poker room has to offer. As a result, all that is needed is an internet-enabled mobile device.

Challenges Poker Nomads Face

It’s not all winnings and extraordinary destinations when it comes to poker nomads. There are many difficulties poker nomads overcome in the course of their exciting lifestyle.

    • Basic Infrastructure

Over time, players have reported losing a game due to a lack of basic infrastructures, such as the internet and electricity.

This is a significant issue among poker nomads and one they try to solve by doing extensive research on a destination.

    • Time Zone

This is perhaps the predominant issue poker nomads face. Players traveling to another location with a different time zone can affect them. This is primarily visible when it comes to routine activities such as sleeping.

Tips to Becoming a Successful Poker Nomad

There are downsides to opting for a poker nomad lifestyle. However, becoming a successful one remains an achievable goal.

Ensuring success in any enterprise requires hard work and planning, and poker nomads are no exception. Hence, here are some tips poker nomads take to achieve success.

    • Learn the Game

Poker is not an easy game. It is much harder for nomads who are always on the road with limited time to practice. As such, players are best suited to learn and perfect the game before becoming poker nomads.

This involves mastering the basics and constantly practicing to improve poker skills. Additionally, players should develop winning strategies that could give them an upper hand against opponents.

There are different variations of the poker game. Hence, understanding the basics of the game helps in competing regardless of the variation.

    • Ensure Financial Stability

It is pretty easy to go wrong as a poker nomad, especially regarding finances. This is why it is essential to ensure financial stability at all times.

A significant way successful poker nomads achieve this is by effective budgeting. This involves separating playing cash from the money required to sustain the nomadic lifestyle. Budgeting helps to create a clear distinction between both worlds.

Alternatively, a player could maintain a record of cash flows. With this, tracking all spending and maintaining healthy finance becomes more effortless.

    • Carefully Select Locations

A central selling point of the nomadic lifestyle is the opportunity to visit any location. Yet, not all destinations foster the conditions for remote work, such as electricity and the internet.

This is why poker nomads are best suited to select locations that offer these basic requirements. Additionally, online poker is not legalized in every area. For instance, online poker rooms are legal in only six states in the U.S.

Thus, deciding on a location should be done with the utmost consideration for facilities that support the nomadic poker lifestyle.

    • Investments

Taking up the poker nomad lifestyle requires dedicating a significant chunk of your life to the cause. As such, it’s necessary to invest in different components that would make the entire process easier. This includes obtaining a laptop, power pack, Wi-Fi, and even an extra battery.

Traveling always comes with risks, which is why most poker nomads obtain insurance to cover their assets during each trip.


As exciting as it may sound, becoming a digital nomad takes guts. Adding poker to the mix makes it slightly more complex. No one knows for a fact if the nomadic poker lifestyle would work out for them. Yet, with hard work and adequate preparation, you just might start living your best life and earn big doing what you love the most – traveling and playing poker.

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