What to see in Aquitaine, France

The south-western region of Aquitaine, in France, covers a wide area, and it shows when you look at the numerous places to visit, inside its border. That part of France, in the summer time, is one of the most beautiful you can choose to discover. To help you, here are a few different locations you shouldn’t miss, as you travel its roads.

Arriving in Aquitaine

The best way to prepare your travel, is to book a camping holiday in the south of France, choosing it by your family’s preferences. Are you more sea or land? There are also many activities you can chose, according to the location, you select. Just look for the one that will please everyone and book it. Once you arrive at your destination, it will be easy to just drive from that central point, to all the cities and sites you want to visit.


If there is a wine lover in your party, then you simply cannot miss heading to Bordeaux, to visit some of its wineries. This city and its region have certainly earned the title of the world’s wine capital. Some of the greatest wines, ever elaborated, come from that region. Still today, all connoisseurs will tell you that you can never go wrong by serving a Bordeaux, when you have guests over.

But there is more to Bordeaux than just wine. The center of the town is a World Heritage site. Everyone walking its streets will remember Place de la Bourse, where you find the “Mirroir d’Eau” (Water Glass), a work of art by Michel Corajoud, which features a thin layer of water reflecting the beauty surrounding it.

La Dordogne

If you like history and castles, then you have to visit the Dordogne valley. It was one of the main battle grounds of the 100 Years wars with Britain, during the 14th and 15th century. It has left behind, many military castles, along the river side. If you want to travel even farther back in time, continue your visit by entering Paleolithic caves, where habitants, 20,000 years ago, painted the walls. The drawings they made can still be seen today.


If you enjoy walking, the Boulevard des Pyrénées, in Pau, will leave you beautiful memories to bring back home. It features a balustrade walkway, placed on top of the Gave River. The view of the rolling hills, with scattered castles on top of them, here and there, will remind you of movies set in other centuries.

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