What To Expect At The Lowell Cannabis Cafe

Show of hands: how many people remember being able to smoke in a bar? Back in the day, bands played various genres of music in bars attached to hotels or in stand alone buildings. The bars could only sell liquor if they served food, so patrons could have a bite to eat to soak up the alcohol and dance. They could also smoke.

Then came clubs where patrons could dance and hang out. They had to go outside, however, to smoke. The snag to that was that no one could smoke pot. That was better facilitated at someone’s home or in their cars.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a public place like a restaurant in which patrons could indulge in some relaxing smoking? Well, we heard your cry and opened the first legal cannabis lounge in West Hollywood, Lowell Farms: A Cannabis Cafe.

What Is A Cannabis Lounge?

Some pubs, bars, and clubs are called lounges in which one hangs out with friends, dances, and imbibes or dines or all three. In a cannabis lounge, patrons can relax with coffee, juice, and farm to table food while indulging their cannabis habits. Since cannabis became legal in many states, such lounges provide users with a special place to go and no one would say a word.

Why Go To One?

Even if cannabis has been legalized in many states, there are still rules against using it in public. For example, many hotels don’t allow its use in their rooms. People are still required to smoke in their homes or cars.

Now, however, there is a cannabis lounge sanctioned by law allowing users to smoke to their hearts’ content. No longer having to hide something is liberating, and users celebrate their new-found freedom in these places. The legislatures of many states are now touring California’s legal cannabis cafes and going back home to make new regulations for their own.

What Can I Expect To See There?

You’ll either sit inside or outside on a stunningly terraced outdoor patio with tables, chairs, and banquette seating. Lovely trees over potted plants will shade you as you eat and smoke in the first legal cannabis lounge.Touches of sky blue add a pop of color to the terra cotta color scheme.

While there are no edibles or cannabis-infused foods, smoking is allowed. There will be no question of unhealthy inside air, as the filtration system is one similar to that used in hospitals and hotels.

The food is prepared by Chef Andrea Drummer. In the mood for a buttermilk fried chicken sandwich with home made chips? We have you covered. Does fresh vegetables with white bean hummus grab you? No problem.

You can expect to find crisp Brussels sprouts, grilled peaches with burrata, caramel popcorn and Thai chili almonds, crème brulee, ice cream sandwiches, and peanut butter cookies on the menu among other delicious dishes.

Chef Drummer is excited to pair exquisite taste sensations with the flavors and aromas of cannabis. This isn’t your usual pizza and Funyons “munchies.” This is a sensual taste experience.

About Lowell Farms

The Lowell family decided to bring farm fresh foods, imaginative mocktails, coffee, and juice in hip, trendy, happening surroundings to the people of West Hollywood. Their cannabis products are organic and non-GMO. Patrons can smoke and vape Lowell products as the spirit moves them. CBD and cannabis products are also available fresh from their farm to your table in the lounge.

The legalization of marijuana has enabled its use in specific locations such as Lowell Cafe. Enjoy good food, good drink, good company, and the freedom to smoke or vape with us.

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