What to Do if Zwicker and Associates Calls You

It’s annoying to get calls from random numbers on your phone. You never know whether to pick it up or to just hit ignore. But that annoyance can change to confusion or fear when you starting getting calls from companies saying you owe them money. There are few people who wouldn’t be intimidated by that. Here’s what to do if Zwicker and Associates calls you.

What Is Zwicker and Associates?

Before diving into specific things you should do when they call, it’s important to understand more about Zwicker and Associates. What is this organization that keeps calling? Zwicker and Associates is a law firm that specializes in debt collection. They’re based around the Boston area, but have several offices around the country.

If you’ve never dealt with debt in collections before, buckle up, because it’s not the most pleasant experience. Zwicker and Associates works largely with American Express, but also with some of the other major credit card companies. They purchase delinquent accounts from lenders for pennies on the dollar. Then, in order to make money, they use more aggressive collection techniques in order to get consumers to pay up.

Why Is Zwicker and Associates Calling You?

There are really only a couple of reasons why Zwicker and associates might be calling you. The first is because they’ve purchased some debt that they believe belongs to you, and want you to pay it. The other reason is because they think you might know someone who owes them money, and want you to help locate them.

Put simply, you’re probably not going to be getting any happy phone calls from Zwicker and Associates. While you can request for them to stop calling you, ceasing contact doesn’t absolve you of what you might still owe. If you’re getting calls from Zwicker and Associates, you need to understand what needs to be done in order to get through the situation.

What to Do if Zwicker and Associates Calls You

There are a few things you need to do if you’re contacted by Zwicker and Associates, or any debt collections agency. While there’s no easy guide on how to beat Zwicker and Associates, things aren’t completely hopeless when they’re calling you. Here are the most important thing you need to know:

      • You should request verification or validation of the debt as soon as possible. This is where you send a written letter for the debt collections agency to prove the debt they say you owe them. There are constantly errors and missing pieces of information in the debt collections world, so it’s possible you can get out of paying the collections agency even if you really do owe the money. They need to provide documentation that shows a paper trail to you and the amount you owe. If they can’t do this, you might be off the hook.
      • Document as much as possible. It’s smart to take notes and save everything you can from your communications with debt collectors. It’s possible you might end up having to go to court over the debt, so being prepared for this can help you come out on top.
      • Do not say you owe the debt. As already mentioned, it’s pretty standard for information to go missing in the world of debt collection, especially if it’s an older debt. This means the onus of proof is on the collectors, not you. Don’t admit to anything, as you’re not liable to pay anything unless the collectors can prove you actually owe money.
  • It’s wise to give up as little information as necessary to debt collectors. You can also get off the phone with them at any time if you feel like you’re not prepared for the call. Being in the right state of mind, with the resources you need, can help you work through any issues you’re having with debt collections.

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