What Should Be The Ideal Booze Budget for The Wedding?

Indian weddings and booze are two inseparable elements.  Take the booze factor out of the equation, and you will see an empty dance floor, humdrum Baraat ceremony, and only a handful of guests at the wedding.

Booze makes your guests little tipsy and brings the inner child out of them, which is the reason behind utmost fun, and bit chaos happens at weddings. If most of your guests are sober, even a couple of beer or whiskey bottles will be sufficient enough. However, if a great chunk of your guests are avid drinkers, you should allocate a noteworthy budget for bringing the booze on board.

This comprehensive post is all about how to set a perfect booze budget which doesn’t affect your overall budget. To carve an exemplary budget, you might need to take suggestions from top wedding caterers in Bangalore who can really throw some efficacious tips when defining your wedding alcohol budget. Let’s get started.

What Kind of Wedding Event You Are Having?

Agree or not, this question is of profound significance and is something to go over with your event rental services. If you are aiming for a low-key and sober wedding function, you should invest in light liquors which are quite sophisticated and don’t make your guests much tipsy.

However, if your notion of the wedding is guests wildly dancing on the dance floor and gulping down booze one after other, investing your money in roping the hard liquor will cut down the quantity of liquor manifold times as the alcohol content is higher in hard liquors.

Sometimes, things can go out of control when your guests consume an excess of alcohol. One of the best ways to deal with this situation is imposing the charges on drinks after serving 2-3 free drinks. In that scenario, your guests will think twice when consuming alcohol.

Will There be Guests Who Consume Mocktails?

Yes, we agree that non-alcoholics are the biggest party-poopers. However, you can’t ignore their needs and enjoyment they are seeking for in the wedding. When considering the wedding alcohol budget, also take into consideration these Mocktails loving people.

It’s quite possible that more than half of your guests who will grace the wedding may prefer to consume Mocktails because most of them avoid consuming hard drinks with or in front of family members. While some of your guests may go over the top when drinking, the rest of them will have soothing experience with mocktails.

What is the Ideal Number of Drinks Per Person?

Well, calculating the exemplary number of drinks per person is one of the most strenuous tasks. But, if you know your guests’ behavior well, you can figure out the approximate numbers without much of a hitch. Let say a great chunk of your wedding guests are above average drinkers which mean they will consume on an average 5 drinks.

If 200 guests are attending your wedding and 50% of them are alcoholics, the number of drinks you need to rope in are 100*5 = 500, and also keep into account additional 10% tolerance limit because some guests can drink more than 5 drinks.

To buy a large quantity of liquor at a budget-friendly price, you must consider buying alcohol from local suppliers as they can give you a hefty discount on the bulk purchase.

Also Consider Weather

Weather plays a quintessential role in deciding which type of booze you should bring on board for the big day. If you are tying the wedding knot in summers, nothing can surpass the craziness of spine-chilling beers. However, during the wintertime, whiskey can provide the much-needed warmth and tipsy feeling to your guests in no time. So, beer and Mocktails for summer, and whiskey or rum for winters.

We are happy to present this collaborative post to offer valuable information to our readers.

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