What is Home Tuition and Home Tuition Agency in Singapore?

Some English speakers from other countries may get confused about the Singapore English use of “tuition.” Most English-speaking countries commonly use tuition as “a sum of money charged for teaching or instruction by a school, college, or university” (Oxford Dictionary). While this meaning of tuition is also used in Singapore, the more common meaning used for tuition in that country is, “teaching or instruction, especially of individual pupils or small groups” (Oxford Dictionary). This is why home tuition in Singapore means a private tutor coming to the home of the student for one-to-one teaching of specific subjects. A home tuition agency in Singapore normally contains a large active tutor database of professional and experienced tutors/teachers. A large tuition database is needed to find suitable tutors for specific students and specific subjects.

The necessity of a home tuition agency in Singapore

Singapore’s education system is one of the main factors behind the advanced economic development of the country. The country’s education system churns out highly educated and qualified graduates who become the mainstay in Singapore’s business, technology, economics, education, etc. However, the high standard of Singapore’s education system can also take its toll on many students of all ages. This is where home tuition in Singapore comes in.

Learning at home or private tutoring in Singapore is now the most preferred learning method for students to catch up with difficult subjects and topics. Students are provided with individualized lessons, learning, and focus from tutors who can help them, including schoolwork, more effectively than in a crowded classroom environment.

Are there advantages to choosing a home tuition agency?


A significant benefit of home tuition is the convenience it gives not only to the student but to parents as well. The student only needs to get ready at home to prepare for the tutor. The tutor goes to the student’s house on a designated day and time, usually on a twice-weekly schedule.

Individual attention

Probably the best benefit of home tuition is that students receive personal focus and attention from their tutor. This allows the tutor to hone in on the specific learning problems and difficulties of the student to help the child reach his or her learning potential. The tutor and student spend time answering questions that the student cannot ask in the classroom. The tutor often uses sample materials gathered from years of tuition experience to assess the student’s learning and make sure the student stays on track.

Assistance with schoolwork

Naturally, another significant benefit of home tuition is that the tutors can help students with schoolwork and homework. This means students don’t have to struggle through complex problems on their own that may be the cause of their falling behind in class. Since they can learn from their own learning pace and style, students can now learn faster with the help of the tutor. The tutor also assists in studying for any upcoming tests or quizzes.

Exam preparation

Tutors will help students prepare for quizzes, tests, and exams. Tutors work with their students to take these tests by using sample tests and exams while helping them understand how to handle test questions. This is a big help for parents who want to make sure that their children are ready and prepared for the next grade-level exam. Some parents do hire private tutors just to prepare their children for level examinations by doing practice exams. This is also one method that tutors can assess the student’s strengths and weaknesses while working with them to achieve their academic goals.

Choosing the right private home tuition agency for your children

Aside from other minor benefits from home tuition, this is the best option for students who need more individual attention because they have been left behind in class, or for students who want to get ahead in their classes and level exams. You only need to call FamilyTutor to match a suitable tutor for your children to improve their grades. Our tutors have the experience to build a good rapport and meaningful relationship with your children and the parents as well.

If you still have questions regarding a reliable home tuition agency, especially with private tutors and tuition classes, no need to worry. FamilyTutor can answer all your questions to save all parents their precious time. We can even help you pick your preferred private tutor for your children.

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