What is an ESTA visa?

The Electronic System for Travel Authorization ( ESTA), introduced in 2009, is a visa waiver program for citizens from select countries. The visa enables you to visit the US without the traditional regular visa. You will be eligible to stay in the USA for 90 consecutive days. The visa expires after two years of issue. The application process is easy and straightforward. Fill the application form online, make payment, and wait for an email. With the raging coronavirus, it’s advisable to apply for the ESTA visa if you are eligible to avoid crowding in embassies.

ESTA eligibility and requirements

To apply for the visa, you must be a citizen in the 38 eligible countries. Use Byevisa’s checking tool to see the eligible countries. Nationals from Sudan, Iran, Syria, and Iraq in eligible countries are barred from applying. Also, if you have traveled to Libya, Syria, Yemen, Sudan, Somalia, Iraq, and Iran since 2011 march 1st, you are not eligible.

How to make an ESTA application?

The application is easy and quick. Follow these steps:

Fill your personal and passport details into the online application document. The passport must be valid for your travel period and must be provided by a country eligible for the program.

Make an application fee payment using a valid credit card or debit card.

Fill in a valid email address you are using currently. When accepted, the ESTA visa is sent to the email, and you will print it and travel with it.

Be careful while making an application and enter the required information and details accurately to prevent rejection.

The application is processed 24 hours after submission. In some cases, it takes up to 72 hours. To prevent hitches, you should make your application early.

Benefits of ESTA

Although gaining an ESTA visa is not easy, it’s worth the trouble as it comes with numerous advantages. Below are some of the benefits you will get:

Using your ESTA visa, you can traverse the whole of the United States’ constraint-free. You will have a great time through this, as you will not have to travel with a load of paperwork.

The ESTA application is more accessible than that of a regular American. To get a regular visa, you need to set a date with the US embassy to acquire the ESTA visa by making an online application from anywhere. This makes the ESTA cheaper, easier, and faster to acquire.

You will be able to travel to the USA without a visa. ESTA is electronic, meaning all your details are secure in a database that clearance officials can access. Through this, you are saved from the trouble of walking around with documents.

It has a two years window from the date of issue. Although the stay limit stands at 90 days, the visa is valid for two years. During this window, you can travel into the US without applying for a visa again.

The application process is straightforward

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